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Sunday, 3 October 2010

EDL Infiltrates Right to Work Rally in Birmingham

Had a great day yesterday mixing in with the NUJ/SWP [the Right to Work crowd] and other muppets far too numerous to mention.

... and myself met up with ... and decided on a plan of action over a swift half.

We went to the rally and split into 2 groups of 2 to mingle in and take happysnaps.

As ... said we got close up to Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith. If only they had known who we were they wouldn't have been quite so smug!!

We got absolutely soaked and our ears were constantly being bombarded with bullshit from the stage.

... and l mixed in with the press at the side and front of the stage - where better to get pics of photographers and press?

... and .... mingled in with the crowd and got busy taking pics.

This rally was supposedly about the working class but l didn't find much evidence of that.
There were more 'middle class bourgeois reactionary' types than anything else ( from what l saw).

We got loads of pics and made our way back to our RV point after ... and me got one of their stewards to video us ( using my camera) standing right at the front of the assembled marchers waving and smiling at the camera.

We had to resist the temptation to give them a rousing ‘E, E, EDL!’ as we thought we'd already taken the piss enough.

One thing l did learn is that photographers do not like having their pictures taken!!!
Good to meet the other three lads there today.

Got some good pics. I was two feet away from Martin Smith and Weyman Bennett. They will brick themselves when they realise what we did and how close to them we were.

Smith looks a lot older than I expected. Must be the court case I reckon. Bennett is an absolute tramp. And I am not just saying that because of who he is. He really is literally a complete scruff- bag.

The assembly point turn-out looked pathetic considering what they'd promised. And nowhere as near as many as they predicted. But when they marched passed us later on I'd say there was about 3-4k on the march proper.

Those anarchists - who are they trying to kid, eh? Bunch of spotty students! Really embarrassing. I got some of them before they masked up - so hopefully that will cause some alarm in the university halls of residence.

One bloke was going round handing out 'Say no to the EDL' and I have got a couple of pics of him.
All in all, a good day for us. I really think the fact that we waltzed into the middle of their demo, unchallenged, will upset them.

I didn't believe it was Martin Smith at first. When he appears on the telly, etc. they must smother him in make-up. He was like a wizened, bent-up old man. You have to see him to believe it.

I'll need some advice about cleaning the pics before I put them up I think. I am a terrible cameraman. I was trying to look inconspicuous and my flash kept on going off. I also walked up to one entrance and an old union rep of mine was standing there. He'd have known what I was there for if he'd have seen me - no doubt.

Something else I noticed today. All the trades-union banners... there were a load of poncy middle-class public sector workers carrying the one 'Boiler Makers Union' banner. I swear if any of those had even threatened a toolbox I'd be very surprised. They are an utter mockery of the working-class. They don't even pretend anymore.
*) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Was a success! ... got plenty of pics.

My camera phone was shit in the end but I got a few alryt ones. Smash? What now seriously, working class, who? Lol.

First time up close and personal with the scruffs. Can’t say I was impressed at all. Good turnout 4 them - 3000-4000. ... you cnut – can’t believe you made that commie take our video at the front of the march. Comedy gold, aha! And very nice to meet you ... top bloke.
My favourite moment. When some RoboTrots got ... to help them put a Marxist banner on some railings! (Did you think I hadn't noticed...?!)


*) Our pictures will be posted later....

Video below.

The fanatical - almost deranged - Chris Bambery at the Brum 'Right to Work' rally. He is, of course, SWP. Does the SWP Central Committee - and ex-CC - control everything?
Can you even imagine this zealot with the power and control of a Stalin or a Lenin? I would say there'd be over 20 million deaths over ten years and a thriving gulag-building industry for all the 'fascists' he hates - the Tories, the BNP, the EDL, New Labour, 'reformist' socialists, etc. Basically, death and imprisonment for all non-Trotskyists and non-Islamists.
Hopefully, this sick man will never get even a sniff at this kind of power - no matter how many groups the SWP infiltrates, takes over or creates.

Let's see who was at the Brum 'Right to Work' Rally:
Chris Bambery - SWP, 'Right to Work Campaign' (National Secretary)
Martin Smith - SWP, UAF, Love Music: Hate Racism
Weymen Bennett - SWP, UAF
Lyndsey German - ex-SWP, Stop the War Campaign/Coalition
John Rees - ex-SWP, Stop the War Coalition/Campaign, the Islam Channel
Salma Yaqoob - Respect (SWP offshoot or sister party)

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  1. Can't wait for pix! Brilliant stuff!

    These swp are complete wank#rs! they are thick, sexually frustrated and UGLYYY! Cretins!