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Monday, 25 October 2010

Cruddas urges parties to 'choke off' EDL surge [from: The Independent]

Labour MP, Jon Cruddas, clearly sees the EDL as nothing but potential Labour Party voting fodder. More clearly, as voting fodder than has now turned against the Labour Party. It is his job to turn them back to his traitorous party - or so he thinks.

His comments on the EDL are very patronising. He sees them through a leftist sociologist's eyes as just a uniform mass which can move this way or that way. Never once does he mention Islamism or why the EDL is doing what it is doing. Instead he offers us a watered-down Marxist take on the EDL.

What does he mean, anyway, by 'choke off' what the 'EDL stands for'? Stop the Islamification of UK being discussed? Change the subject and then make increased sharia-isation go away? Turn on the EDL to the Labour Party and then such subjects can be ignored for ever? Educate us into the 'true nature' of Islam - that it is actually a fluffy and cuddly religion? What is it you want, Mr Crud Ass?

As for being a 'small, violent militia'. Again, as with all leftists, even centre leftists, he sees the EDL through the prism of the history books he has read. More specifically, on the rise of Nazis in the 1920s and 30s. The time of 'small militias'. But the EDL square shape doesn't fit the Nazis-in-the-20s-and-30s round hole. It never did and never will.
And how can a EDL crowd of 2,000 or more be classed as a 'small militia' anyway (the numbers which the EDL has reached on some demos)? I advise Mr Crude Arse to see the EDL for what it actually is. An English patriotic movement, neither left or right, that is rightfully fighting against Islamism, Islamoterrorism and the increased sharia-isation of our country. This has nothing to do with fascism, either today's fascism or that of the 1920s and 30s.

What has 'male working-class culture' got to do with fighting Islamism and sharia-isation anyway - except that such a culture is the only one which dare fight such things? People like Mr Cruddas are too cowardly to take on any Muslims no matter what they do or say - except, in a small way, the Islam0terrorists themselves. But the nasty religion that inevitably leads to Islam-terrorism... no, treat it with kid gloves and see it through Islamophile eyes. Yes, that will definitely solve the problem!

- By Tim Moynihan, 25 October 2010, from The Indepedent

A Labour MP today called on political parties to "choke off" what the English Defence League (EDL) taps into.

Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham and Rainham, said the EDL is a small, violent street militia "but it speaks the language of a much larger, disenfranchised class".

Writing in The Times, he said: "The EDL may well pass through, and crash and burn like many of its predecessors.

"But it may not, because it taps into a politics born out of dispossession but anchored in English male working-class culture - of dress, drink and sport.

"Camped outside the political centre ground, this is a large swath of the electorate, a people who believe they have been robbed of their birthright and who are in search of community and belonging. Many are traditional Labour supporters."

Many working class people appeared to be turning to the far-right cultural movements that are sweeping across Europe, he warned.

"Now all our political parties must search for an animating, inclusive and optimistic definition of modern England to choke off what the EDL taps into."

The same newspaper carried an interview with a 27-year-old man said to be the founder and leader of the EDL.

Stephen Lennon, from Luton, "has many names", according to the newspaper, which reported that "reluctantly" he uses the threat of a demonstration to ensure councils do not pander to Islamic pressure groups to change British traditions.

He said: "We are now sending letters to every council saying that if you change the name of Christmas we are coming in our thousands and shutting your town down."

The EDL would live in peace with the Islamic community "if they ... swear allegiance to the Queen, this country and the flag, and then live side by side. That's what we want".

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