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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Britain and the EDL Against the Islamists [by the EDL's We-are-the-British]

- By the EDL's We-are-the-British

Who are we? We are concerned patriots. We range from all aspects of society. We are worried about the rise of Islam. We are worried about the rise of anti-British attacks and views spreading and increasing throughout Britain.

Britain is a place of great values. It is a place where freedom is cherished. It is a place where we welcome all colours. It is a place that we have fought to keep free and democratic. Two World Wars we fought. And now we see our freedom being eroded away. We see our culture and pride being washed away.
Should anyone be fearful because of their skin colour, their sexuality and their religion? The answer, obviously, is ‘no’.

Yet there are areas of Britain where homosexuals feel intimidated when walking the streets of these areas. Where white people, where Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, etc... feel intimidated. These areas are, yes, you guessed it, Muslim areas. Anyone who is not a Muslim is not welcome in these areas. And for years this has gone unchallenged. But now there is a movement that is protesting against all this - the English Defence League movement.

If you look at Tower Hamlets you will see an area that has a mayor who supports, and is linked to, an Islamist group that wants Britain to be converted into an Islamic state. It is a group that is against non-Muslims. This group is the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE). And this group is supported by the recently elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahaman. Tower Hamlets has become what has been described as an "Islamic republic".

Is Tower Hamlets British anymore? I don't think so.

And there are other areas which are in danger of becoming as the Tower Hamlets has become.

So are the British public going to ignore the dangers of Islam and the rise of Sharia Law and its practices? No!

The Islamists haven't woken the British spirit yet; although it is beginning to wake. And when the British spirit does waken, the Islamists should run.

Britain will win.

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