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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Why is Multiculturalism Such a Huge Problem? [by EDL Wiltshire Division]

- by Mariojbc of the EDL Wiltshire Division

Why is Multiculturalism such a huge problem?Multiculturalism as we know it is a phenomenon that emerged in the 1960s and it has dominated cultural issues since the 1980s to the present date.

I believe the first step for multiculturalism was cultural relativism and it was a noble idea. The West was the first civilisation to look with compassion and understanding to the other one, to the different, to other peoples.

That was and still is something unusual in all other societies in which “the other” is seen as barbaric, strange, worse, etc.

However – and thanks to a boost from Social Sciences (mainly Anthropology) and the revolutionary ideas from the liberal decade of 60 – scholars performed a shift from cultural relativism to moral relativism.

One thing is to study and verify that cultures can be incredibly different; other thing is to accept all cultures as equally nice and good.

Unfortunately moral relativism has taken over multiculturalism and losing our hierarchy of values has led to aberration.

The multiculturalism norm is that we have to accept and understand other societies’ practices because we do not believe anymore in absolute good and evil. We have been forced to believe that everything is acceptable and that good and evil are variable and relative.

I give you a list of common practices in many societies: burning people alive; stoning to death; oppression of women; cannibalism; female circumcision; slavery; infanticide; etc.

Are we therefore supposed to see the practices above as something good and acceptable? Many Western leaders, politicians, scholars and intellectuals are contaminated with the virus of multiculturalism and would have trouble in publicly condemning some of the practices listed. They believe they may hurt other people’s feelings if they sound judgemental.

Well, if that is so it is because we have lost our own moral principles in this multicultural journey. We have become a weak society without confidence in our own achievements.

Today we think other cultures as good and equal as our own culture, sometimes even better than ours. Why do you think patriotism is a bad thing in our society? Why do you think our children learn that the Empire did only bad things? Why don’t our children learn about the good achievements our society is responsible for? Why can’t our children and teenagers learn that fundamental values for a free society such as the rule of law, universal suffrage, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience are much better than values in other societies?

Multiculturalism is obviously a Western phenomenon and it has been encouraged and promoted by the progressive – leftist – global agenda. You cannot be multicultural and apply moral relativism in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia or Sudan.

But in the Western world that has become the rule. As consequence we have been reluctant to condemn norms that we would not have hesitated to condemn a century ago.

Most multiculturalism enthusiasts that believe all cultures are equal do not want to live in Somalia, Papa New Guinea or Saudi Arabia and raise their children there. They love the advanced Western world but they love more to badmouth it rather than protect it.

Do not get me wrong, I am in favour of getting to know better other cultures but our own society is at risk when we do not give any importance to our traditions, to our heritage, to our customs. Facts are clear and they demonstrate Western societies are much superior to the others but somehow we are afraid to say it, aren’t we? Well, our elite is.

You read it right: Western societies are better, we have more freedoms, more rights, more opportunities, more quality of life, more development. This is not a simple opinion, it is the crystal clear reality.

So despite all the progress and achievements our civilisation has lost its confidence. We have lost the confidence in ourselves.

Our enemies – in particular Islamic supremacists – go in the other direction: their adepts are incredibly confident, they learn and teach that their culture and religion are better and must prevail not only in their own societies but all over the world.

In the meantime we learn to ignore ours most cherished values, customs and traditions. Once upon a time we knew what to do. When others said something about their customs, we would reply that in British culture our custom was very different and far superior.

It is such a shame we are not capable anymore of being judgmental. Today that would pass as “discrimination”.

Democratic government should offer integration and assimilation policies for our immigrants: one law for all. It does not matter where you come from but if you are in England you have to obey by and act according to the land’s law. Everyone is equal and under the same law without distinctions on the grounds of ethnicity, religion, gender, religion, beliefs, etc.

What has happened in Europe is the opposite of what goes above. Multiculturalism goes against integration and assimilation. That is why in Europe there are so many ghettos and we close our eyes to the informal – and what is the scariest, the formal – implementation of tribal norms in certain neighbourhoods. Even when a particular cultural norm goes against our own law, we turn a blind eye. No wonder sharia law is predominant in large Muslim concentrations in Europe.

Will Durant, the famous American Historian, said several decades: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

Our Western civilisation is weak. It has become a materialistc world in which all that matters is to buy new gadgets.

We have forgotten all about our culture, our traditions, our heritage, our religion. That is why our civilisation is slowly dying of self inflicted death: it is dying of suicide.

*) EDL Wiltshire Division:

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