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Saturday, 4 September 2010

What Some Well-known ‘Moderate’ Muslims Believe

Dr Azzam al-Tamimi (the Muslim Association of Britain’s spokesman and writer for the Guardian)

*) Will not condemn suicide bombings. He describes them being part of a ‘struggle’.

*) ‘[Jews should] sail on the sea in ships back to where they came from and all drown in it.’

‘Listen, Israel and Jews around the world, unless you change there is no future for you.’

*) ‘As a Muslim, martyrdom is an integral part of Islamic theology and these young men from the Islamic perspective are not committing suicide. What they are doing is that they are turning themselves as an act of sacrifice into bombs because this is the only way to stop Israel from attacking Palestinians.’

*) Talking about Islamoterrorism:

‘… our lives are in real danger and it would seem, so long as we are in Iraq and so long as we are contributing to injustices around the world, we will continue to be in real danger.’

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (friend of Red Ken and writer for the Guardian)

*) Is on record as favouring wife-beating, physical punishment for homosexuality and ‘martyrdom’ against Israeli civilians. He supports the use of child suicide bombers.

*) ‘The Israelis might have nuclear bombs but we have the children bomb and these human bombs must continue until liberation.’

*) He has described the insurgency in Iraq as ‘valiant’.

*) ‘[It is the duty of all Muslims to] achieve supremacy on earth and put their enemies to rout… the means for doing so is taking up arms in addition to preparation, financing and planning strategies.’

Sir Iqbal Sacranie (Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain)

*) Death is ‘perhaps too easy’ for Salman Rushdie.

*) He refuses to attend Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations.

*) Israeli is a ‘Nazi state’ and has a ‘murderous leadership’. It indulges in ‘Zionist brutality’ and the ‘ethnic cleansing of Palestine’. He compared Hamas suicide bombers to Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi, saying:

‘Those who fight oppression, those who fight occupation, cannot be termed as terrorist, they are freedom fighters.

*) He thinks that anyone who uses the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ is an ‘Islamophobe’ and thus should be prosecuted for 'incitement to religious hatred'.

*) Homosexuality: ‘is immoral’; ‘not acceptable’; ‘spreads disease’; has ‘damaged the very foundations of society’.

Inayat Bunglawala (Public Affairs Officer of the Muslim Council of Britain and writer for the Guardian)

*) ‘[Osama bin Laden is a] freedom fighter.’

*) ‘[Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman is] courageous.’

This was one month before Rahman bombed the World Trade Centre in New York.

*) ‘[Hamas is] an authentically Islamic movement… a source of comfort for Muslims all over the world.’

*) ‘[The British media is] Zionist-controlled.’

‘The Chairman of Carlton Communications is Michael Green of the Tribe of Judah. He has joined an elite club whose members include fellow Jews Michael Grade and Alan Yentob.’

‘The Jews consider themselves to be God’s chosen people – although the blessed prophet Jesus called them the children of the Devil (John 8:44) – and so can do just whatever the hell they like.’

Tariq Ramadan (‘philosopher’ and Islamist scholar and writer for the Guardian)

*) When asked by an Italian magazine if the killings of civilians was morally right, he replied:

‘In Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya, there is a situation of oppression, repression and dictatorship. It is legitimate for Muslims to resist fascism that kills the innocent.’

*) Asked if car bombings were justified against U.S. forces in Iraq, he answered:

‘Iraq was colonised by the Americans. Resistance against the army is just.’

*) He described the terrorist attacks on New York, Bali and Madrid as ‘interventions’.

*) He wrote that he favoured the death of the ‘Zionist entity’ (Israel).

*) He thinks that Hamas is a ‘resistance movement’.

*) When asked whether he approved of the killing of an eight-year-old Israeli child, he replied:

‘That act in itself is morally condemnable but contextually explicable.’

*) On Muslim integration: ‘… we [Muslims] are the ones who are going to decide the content.’

*) On the Islamic stoning as Sharia punishment: ‘[There should be a ] moratorium on the issue [not a banning].’

Dr Mohammed Naseem (Chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque and leader of the Islamic Party of Britain)

*) Believes that there is no proof that the London bombers were Muslims. He thinks that it was staged by the police, the Blair Government or Mossad.

On the video in which the London bomber Mohammad Siddique Khan took responsibility for the attack, Naseem said:

‘We are living in the twenty-first century. The cows can be made to look as dancing, the horses can speak like humans, so these things can be doctored or can be produced.’

He has said similar things about the 9/11 terrorist attack.


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