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Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Template Letter About Sharia Law in the UK [by ADW]

This can be used as a standardised/template letter which EDL members can send to the relevant authorities, specifically their regional MPs. It was written by ADW.


It has recently come to my attention that the UK’s first state-sanctioned Sharia court will be introduced in Nuneaton. For this reason, I felt that it is my duty as a citizen of the UK to raise this issue with you.

To frame my letter I must first briefly explain what Sharia law is.

Sharia is law as laid down by Allah. It is presented in the Koran, the hadiths and in other Islamic works. It is followed in many Islamic countries. It is the legal side of Islam and it is used to resolve all matters, from how to wash ones hands, up to and including the handing down of the death penalty. Sharia courts are presided over by holy men who act as both judge and jury.

Without going into too much detail. I feel that the use of Sharia law in the UK needs to be investigated. The system is vastly discriminatory as well as biased - as many who have been on the receiving end will be able to tell you. There are many cases of unfair, unjust and quite frankly illegal actions taking place within the clandestine Sharia courts in the UK today!

My complaint about Sharia is that it is a legal system which is stacked against the victim - especially if they are female, gay or a non-Muslim (in Muslim/Islamic countries). What’s more, our own legal system has the ability to deal with all forms of dispute. Why duplicate a second system for a minority? Surely that is a form of ‘positive discrimination’.

Simply ‘regulating’ these courts is not enough as they are mainly based on what is written in the Koran. (The Koran teaches us that women are of a lower class than men; the same is said about homosexuals and non-Muslims.)

Given the evidence in the Koran, in Islamic history and with the many concrete cases/examples, how can the UK Government allow this?

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  1. Make sure you change some of the words if you use as they block generic letters. Its a good web site as you put your post code in and it gives you all your councilors, your MP and your MEPs

    J Bell NS