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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Salma Yaqoob Against the Oppressed!

Councillor Salma Yaqoob, leader of Respect and a Birmingham councillor, once said that ‘[w]e must stand with those who are oppressed’. Yes! You’re right:

i) Let’s stand with the oppressed women who are the victims of the Taliban’s psychotic attitudes towards women and sex.
ii) Let’s stand with the oppressed students of Iran who are standing up to that ‘revolutionary’ Islamic and totalitarian regime.
iii) Let’s stand by the oppressed Kurds who are standing against the imperialist desires of Muslim Turkey, Muslim Syria, Muslim Iran and Muslim Iraq.
iv) Let’s stand with the oppressed Copts in Egypt and the Christians of Pakistan who are the victims of Muslim bigotry.
v) Lets stand with the oppressed black Christians and animists in southern Sudan who are the victims of the Islamist janjaweed and who have seen hundreds of thousands of their folk murdered – infinitely more than the number of Palestinians killed by the Israelis.
vi) Let’s stand with the oppressed southern Thai Buddhists who are the victims of the Thai Islamist killers.
vii) Let's stand with the oppressed Ahmaddiya in Pakistan, who suffer just as much as the Palestinians.
viii) Let's stand with the oppressed gays and unmarried couples who are persecuted and often killed by Hamas's vice police.
viiii) Let's stand by the oppressed Christians who are persecuted by Muslims in virtually every Islamic/Muslim state.
x) Let's stand with the oppressed Sikhs, Hindus and other non-Muslims who are victimised by Muslim gangs throughout the UK, from Bradford to Birmingham.
xi) Let's stand with the oppressed women in Iran who are stoned to death and suffer other sharia punishment.
xii) Let's stand with the oppressed Sikhs and Hindus of the UK who hardly get a look in when it comes to 'council grants' or political representation (or even time on BBC 'faith programmes'), all of which is almost the sole domain of Muslims.
And so on and so on...

Needless to say, these are not the oppressed she has in mind. Why? Because they are oppressed by Muslims not by the United States or the 'Zionist entity'.

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  1. Always spot on! You should speak at demos!

    Yesterday, at the demo we could here a strange miaowing coming from the pisslamic terrorists' loudspeakers: realised it was old pislamic gigolo George Galloway. Luckily he was drowned out by EDL chanting! ;))