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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Reporting on the protest about the mosque at Ground Zero [by Homo Sapien]

- by Homo Sapien

I have finally had time to sit down and look at some of the reporting on events around the GZM in New York yesterday.

The imam says that the "cultural centre" (which we all know is NewSpeak for a crypto-mosque, a trojan horse) "is about promoting integration, tolerance of difference and community cohesion... a centre guided by Islamic values in their truest form - compassion, generosity, and respect for all".
Hahaha.. right, well that was a great success then You want to build a shrine to Islam on the site where the greatest terrorist crime ever was wreaked in the name of islam?? Do these people use the same dictionary as we do (because my definition of "integration" is somewhat different)? It's been an utter failure as far as integration and community cohesion. If the idiots had built it a couple of miles away, then maybe we might have fallen for that. As it is, those muslims and their faux-respect for all have done more to drive interest in opposing islamisation than anything else in the past few hundred years. Actually, maybe we ought to be giving Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer some credit not just for organising the protest against the mosque, but also for preparing the ground for all of us in the past few years in fighting this good fight.

I do find it incredible that it was mostly dhimmis who were protesting for the mosque.

"...with dedicated prayer rooms for Muslims, Jews and Christians". WTF? My friends who work in hospitals and universities in the UK point out that the Muslims often barricade the doors against non-muslims to prevent them getting in to these shared prayer rooms!

The dhimmis who are supporting these Muslims have got to be non-religious, and have probably never asked other religions "so, how's it going sharing that prayer room with the Muslims"? Actually, such irreligious people are not even dhimmis - dhimmis means the protected people of the Book. The buddhists, agnostics, pagans and atheists would all be suitable candidates for outright slavery (which, as we know, islam thinks is a bona fide legal condition under sharia).

We have to be thankful that the US has got people like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer who for years have been risking death threats to warn us about the threat from islam, while dhimmi liberals like me were asleep at the wheel. That report goes on about how it is "ultra-conservatives" who have really pushed the opposition to the GZM. Well, I don't think Geller or Spencer can be that conservative when they are pushing equality under the law, anti-racism, anti-homophobia and equal rights for women. FFS, these are all the traditional hallmarks of left-liberal politics. It just shows that we truly are in Wonderland when those are "ultra-conservative" issues.

And who does France24 quote in favour of the mosque? A 70 year old peace activist, and a cycle courier. Cheers, great, thanks a lot for the incisive commentary. Can you believe it? Clearly the US has the same social misfits and mis-guided fools that we have in the UAF, only they obviously haven't organised themselves under the same grandiose title (that's probably because the Americans have a lot less time for communists than our establishment has).

Pamela has pictures of some of the misfits on her site. Of course, they are wearing Che t-shirts, and calling Geert a Nazi (yawn...) And of course, the well-integrated, compassionate muslims are carrying the shahada flags (the islamic flag of war) - which we all know burns very easily.

Why do these fcuking dhimmi liberals not ask the muslims "What does that flag mean"? They probably just think the squiggly writing looks ethnic. I remember 1 year ago this week, I was at the SIOE demo in Harrow, and saw the wild-eyed, tooled-up muslims running round and waving that flag. That was early days for me too, I have to admit, and I didn't know what the Shahada meant. But from the way it was being waved about, I knew it was inflammatory (in more ways than one!)

We shouldn't be surprised that the Ummah and the Sharia Socialists are singing from the same hymn sheet. It just underlines how much we have in common with what is happening in America. Or rather, how much they have in common with us, because we are probably 10 or 20 years further on being islamised than they are. It should have been us leading the way opposing islamisation, and them learning from us.

I have to ask though, is not just "Where is our Geert", but "where is our Pamela Geller" and "where is our Robert Spencer"? We know our political system means we'll never get a Geert. But there's no damn reason at all that we don't have British intellectuals like Geller and Spencer fighting our fight. Melanie Phillips is a start, but she's more or less locked inside a broom cupboard at the Spectator. And Douglas Murray seems to be as concerned about the threat from Nazism as he is about the threat from Islam (Clee would tell him that Blood and Honour is 20 keyboard warriors with an internet connection -- just give Clee the money you waste on your stupid reports on Nazism).

We have to be glad that we share the same language as giants like Geert, Pamela and Robert - it gives us all access to their years of research and fighting. As I said the other day, if they didn't exist god would find it necessary to create them. Hmm... I'd better give up on those literary allusions, before someone says EDL is a fundamentalist christian organisation. Ooops... too late...

Anyway, as so often in these reflections, I come back to my admiration of the ordinary people who do make up EDL. Whilst the British Geert, the British Pamela, and the British Robert are busy making sure they can climb up the social ladder held out by the elite, it's the ordinary people of the EDL who are having to stand up to make sure the future for their children is not a future under sharia law.

It was great that EDL managed to get onto the world stage like that. And in only a year or so, and with the most unbelievable smear campaign from our media. Our elite really do despise and fear the working class.

Let's show them they have good reason to fear us.


  1. SUPERB!!! Hits every nail right on the head! Homo Sapien for mayor (of Tower Hamlets)Hehe!

  2. Hi Homo Sapien, what are you views on the below article by a woman you obviously hold in esteem, Melanie Phillips;

    She doesn'y appear to hold a positive view of homosexuality