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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No to Islamic Imperialism and Arabist Racism!

Isn't it ironic how Muslims, Islamists and Leftists are always going on about 'Western' or 'British imperialism' or 'colonialism'? It seems that Islamic imperialism must have been an OK kind of imperialism simply because it wasn't analysed by Marxists - who weren't around at the height of the Islamic Empire - and because it came before what Marxists call 'modern capitalism'.

As for Arabist racism. Islam is an Arabic religion. Allah is an Arabic god. The Koran 'can only be understood in Arabic'. Muslims must have Arabic names and even dress in an Arabic manner.
Check your history and then see what contemporary examples of Arabist racism can be found in Saudi Arabia and other Arabic states, as well as what has happened in the Sudan, etc.

Circa: 14th century AD (in green and dark green):

Circa 2030....?....


  1. Arabic for slave is Abd....e.g. Abdullah - Slave of Allah - Arabic name

    Arabic for a black person is Abd. 25 million Africans captured/bought/sold by Islam over its 1400 year history!

    Oh and Muhammed, tho perfect example called blacks - raisin heads.

    Racist and'd think the lefties would campaign against Islam?