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Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) supports the UAF demo in Leicester

Surprise, surprise! The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has given its support for the SWP/UAF ‘national demo against racism, fascism and Islamophobia’ on Saturday 6th November. It is also doing the same for the ‘counter-demo’ by the SWP/UAF against the EDL in Leicester on Saturday October 9th.

Really!? An Islamist group against the EDL? Next you’ll be telling me that most Israelis are against Hamas.

A ‘spokesperson’ for the MCB (probably Inayat Bunglawala) told Socialist Worker:

Muslims have often been unfairly targeted by newspapers and depicted as alien.’

I wonder why Muslims have been ‘unfairly targeted by newspapers and depicted as alien’? Has it got something to do with the fact

i) that 99.9 of all terrorists are Muslims?
ii) that Islam is a death cult?
iii) that the Koran has over two hundred explicit passages of explicit violence towards non-Muslims?
iv) that over a thousand non-Muslims, and many Muslims, die every month as a result of the Global Jihad?
v) that Muslims are constantly demanding favours and accommodations from non-Muslim secular states (halal slaughter, sharia law, all-female sports centres, etc.)?

These are good reasons to ‘target’ Muslims – or at least some Muslims:

i) But which Muslims are against sharia law?
ii) Which Muslims demonstrate against Jihad or Islamoterrorism?
iii) Which Muslims hold meetings against extremist imams or rogue clerics? Etc.

None – or hardly any. So perhaps the press has at least a teeny-weeny bit of a reason to talk about Islam and Muslims.

But the thing is. Despite the MCB’s crocodile tears, the media is more supportive of Islam and Muslims than it is negative. When they do criticize, which they do, they criticize Muslim extremists and terrorists. Unless the MCB counts these Muslims as one of them! Which it often does! It cannot openly say they support such people – at least not too often. (However, the MCB has come out in support of terrorism and of many Islamic crazies.) So, instead, the MCB has to pretend that the platonic Media is having a go at all Muslims all the time. (Or having a go at Islam all the time.) This is completely false. I have never seen a single article in the mainstream media against Islam or against Muslims as Muslims. So this simply shows us that the MCB really feels at one with the Islamocrazies and the killers – more than they feel at home with the kuffar press and kuffars generally.

The same MCB spokesman went on to say:

‘We regularly receive reports of violent attacks against individuals and Mosques. Islamophobia is not merely an affront to British Muslims but to the very values we stand for in this country. We must stamp out this hatred.’

Is this like the violence

i) meted out by Muslim gangs in Bradford, Blackburn, the Tower Hamlets, Birmingham and god knows where else, to the kuffar?
ii) Or is it like the violence meted out to Jews on the streets of the UK or even on UK university campuses by Muslims and Leftists?
iii) More to the point, is like the million acts of violence carried out by the Islamic Jihad each year, along with the millions acts of violence sanctioned and made law by sharia?

Or is it a different and far worse kind of violence? To the MCB - it is! It is worse because it is violence against Muslims committed by the kuffar! And no kind of violence on earth can be worse than that to a good Muslim. It is violence magnified a hundredfold when a Muslim is violently attacked by kuffar boots or kuffar knives.

It is also an unbelievable prejudice which only Muslims and the MCB will accept and believe.

The MCB spokesman also talked about mosques being desecrated. Is that like

i) the hundreds of churches burned down in Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand and in other Islamic countries?
ii) Is that like the absolute banning of Christianity in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries?

No! Again, it is worse than all those examples because Islam and Muslims are the victims. Such incredible prejudice. And something only Muslims and the MCB can believe and propagate.

About the MCB

Let me tell you about the MCB – now such a deep and sincere friend of UAF/SWP and all other pious ‘anti-fascists’.

Basically, the MCB concerns itself with ‘Islamic concerns’ and the Islamification of Britain. For example, the introduction of sharia, the killing of Salman Rushdie, the banning of short skirts, and the public crucifixion of all known atheists (especially Richard Dawkins and the Arsebishop of Dibley & Canterbury, Rowan ‘Robbie’ Williams)’. Only the last example is a joke… or is it?

The MCB’s prime concern, however, is ‘gaining more power for Muslims’.

Most British people think that

Islamophobia is a result of Islamic extremism and Islamoterrorism.

However, the MCB says that

‘Islamic extremism is a result of Islamophobia.’

Ah! Not just ‘a result of Islamophobia’. The MCB has commented that many Muslims believe that the UK’s involvement in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq are ‘key contributory factors in the radicalisation of many young Muslims'. Here again, it is really the other way around (at least in the case of Afghanistan):

The UK’s involvement in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were mainly responses to extremism, radicalism and, of course, terrorism.

The MCB has got it all the wrong way around.

Another point is worth making here. Critics of the MCB, etc. have also replied by saying that the

real key contributory factor in the radicalisation of some young Muslims is the MCB’s own determination to keep going on about the “anti-Islamic wars” in Iraq and Iran as well saying that these wars are “radicalising young Muslims”.

The MCB also opposed and opposes the banning of Hizb ut-Tahrir, under the UK anti-terror laws, because it says that banning this group will only encourage its own supporters to support them. Thus, MCB supporters must be very susceptible to radicalism and violence - as seems to be the case with many Muslims. I wonder why that is? Has it anything to do with Islam and its long and inglorious Jihadist past? Surely not!

The MCB also strongly objects to the use of the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ and demands that Osama bin Laden be described not as an ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ terrorist, but as an ‘international terrorist’. I bet you’ve heard it all now!

Inayat Bunglawala: MCB Media Spokesman

Now take the MCB’s most famous face – Inayat Bunglawala. Believe it or not, he was selected as one of seven ‘conveners’ for a Home Office Task Force with responsibilities for tackling extremism among young Muslims. Actually, that isn’t strange at all. The Government, New Labour, actually helped create the MCB in 1997!

However, the British Government soon realised that the ‘moderates’ in the MCB it appointed to sort out ‘Muslim extremists’ were as extreme as the extremists. Now even David Cameron won’t touch the MCB! However, UAF/SWP most certainly will.

Bunglawala is also a well-known anti-Semite. No surprise there. The MCB (which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is Hamas) is anti-Semitic too – it calls it ‘anti-Zionism’. Bunglawala, of course, rejects these ‘anti-Semitic’ accusations as ‘a traditional Zionist tactic’ aimed to ‘silence critics of Israel’, which sort of proves the point.

In January 1993, Bunglawala wrote a letter to Private Eye in which he called the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman ‘courageous’. Rahman was later arrested on charges of masterminding the bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York in the July of that year.

Bunglawala also circulated the writings of Osama bin Laden, whom he called a ‘freedom fighter’.

Moderates? Give me the Islamocrazies any day! At least you know where you are with them. At least they aren't expert Taqiyya technicians like the MCB.

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