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Monday, 27 September 2010

Message to the UK Police From Israel [from: Brian of London]

- by Brian of London (Tel Aviv)

I'm in Israel and I've spoken with security forces here and attended briefings with the Israel Defence Force (IDF). I've had informal chats with people who really know this stuff.

If you are a police force in the UK and you want to know what your euphemistically termed "Asian youth" is going to be doing in the next few years you should probably get on a plane and come talk to the boys and girls out here who deal with this stuff. Granted, your "youth" might not be using high velocity sling shot yet, but they can. After that its a short hop and a step to stone throwing kids at the front and snipers at the rear. Really. This will come to England.

You're on the verge of a proper insurrection. You'll make it happen if you don't crack down hard on the real aggressors. If you pretend that the EDL are "stiring up trouble" by going into an area then you are missing a huge WARNING SIGN that the EDL are giving you. If you continue to appease, the Muslims will do exactly what they have always done for centuries and everywhere: they will push and push. Give an inch they will take the yard. Right now you're giving them ground by the furlong and they're taking you for miles.

You're going to claim, you're doing it already, that the EDL are "provoking" trouble in nice quiet, socially cohesive, peaceful neighborhoods that know no trouble till yobs with flags show up. It's exactly what is claimed about Israeli "settlers" or the IDF or border police in Israel. It's the same play, just different actors. And you know, in your hearts, all your rank and file on the streets in "Muslim areas" know, it's not safe for lone Kuffar to walk many of the streets of England, and certainly not women. You know it and you think by cracking down on the EDL you'll win their hearts and minds. You are failing in your duty of care to millions when people can't walk where they choose without real fear.

The common thread? Islam, the ideology, the "Religion of blood and war" as Winston Churchill called it. He knew what it was and didn't mince words. Winston Churchill versus The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

And if you can't see that the EDL is a gift to you and learn the lesson they're teaching you, you will find yourself being referred to as occupiers in your own Islamic Republic of Britanistan before this century is out. They will probably take the Roman name of Britannia and use that against you too!

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