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Friday, 24 September 2010

Mehdi Hasan on Question Time [video]

Mehdi Hasan practising his taqiyya skills on Question Time. He is a smug Islamist and editor of the New Statesman. He calls all of us non-Muslims 'cattle' and then appears on Question Time as some kind of Islamist Tony Blair or David Cameron. This is deceit supreme. He is arrogant beyond belief. I bet he went to public school or Oxbridge... just like Blair or Cameron really. Even extreme Islamism needs it good publicity. Has he his own Alistair Campbell I wonder. No doubt he has.

This video brilliantly captures this fucker's hypocrisy and supreme arrogance. Know him. He is a danger to every non-Muslim on the planet.

Bizarre! He's sitting next to Melanie Phillips on Question Time. I bet she gritted her teeth when the hypocrite mentioned 'anti-Semitism'. Is there no taqiyya beyond this smug bastard?

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