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Monday, 27 September 2010

Jihad and the Political Nature of Islam [by Hanmergrant]

- by Hanmergrant

Islam would be a harmless cult if it were not for Jihad - one of the central pillars of Islam.

Mohammed created a cult of personality or leader in his own lifetime - the only difference between Mohammed and any other cult leader was his political ambition - which he was prepared to achieve through military means.

Let's be clear about a few things. Islam is more about Mohammed than Allah, the God he claimed to be a prophet for. Most of the central works of Islam give us a detailed autobiography of Mohammed and present his life as the archetype for all Muslims to come. It's unfortunate, therefore, that Mohammed spent most of his life waging perpetual jihad, or 'Holy War'.

Mohammed developed the political doctrine of Jihad as a way of subordinating and controlling the societies beyond his own borders. He was very clear on how kafirs (non-Muslims) should be treated and his goal was ultimately to subdue all societies and convert through conquest all the known world. And since his death, Islam has continued to try to fulfil this command.

Jihad is the first and possibly the most articulated generic fascism we have ever seen. Which is ironic, considering that Islamic apologists actually accuse those who resist Islam of being ‘fascists’.

Jihad is why there will never be peace in the Middle East. (Mohammed's dying words were 'Wipe all Jews and Christians from the Arabian peninsula.'). Jihad is why Iran will probably drop a bomb on Israel even though it will ensure mutual destruction.

And Jihad is why even moderate Muslims are trapped inside their faith like a straight-jacket. They question their faith and risk a death sentence. They live in a time capsule of beliefs that is hardwired to destroy even the pluralist, secular societies that they say they want to live in. And yes, Muslims are people and can be very nice.

But how do they honestly reconcile being 'good' Muslims with the doctrine of jihad? Because remaining silent while your fellow Muslims commit jihadist atrocities is tantamount to being an armchair terrorist yourself.

Islam simply has to clean out its own house. Stand up and reject Jihad, or Islam will bring Muslims (and probably the rest of us) to destruction

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