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Monday, 13 September 2010

India versus Pakistan [by Lionsingh]

- by Lionsingh

India has had three wars with Pakistan since its inception [in 1947]. Won all.

When Pakistan sponsored the attack on the India parliament several years ago, India massed its troops on the border. They should have dealt a blow to this excuse of a country; but not many Indians wanted a nuke on their heads.

If Pakistan attacked India, five minutes later it wouldn’t exist. They know that so they fund insurgents to do their dirty work - as in Kashmir at the moment.

They were born as a country as a REAL Muslim state, hence its backwardness. It wants to take over as the centre of Islamic thought and control from Saudi Arabia, etc. Terrorism is its tool, whilst denying any responsibility.

Yet the yanks throw $$$s at its military-Islamic dictatorship, which they use in turn to fund the Taliban (who are from Pakistan). Perhaps if they paid their cricketers a decent wage, cricket would still be cricket.

It’s Pakistan that forments the instability in Afghanistan and their obsession is to blame India for everything. (They all wank over Brollywood films and FashionTV.)

And India has fought this for well over 400 years. See my avatar - Guru Gobind Singh [above]. He ripped up the Mungal Empire in North India

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