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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

How to Behead [by Samina Malik]

[Above: an Indonesian Islamic beheading of a Christian.]

A poem from the "lyrical terrorist", Samina Malik. The British-born Muslim fanatic who worked at Heathrow as a shop assistant was given a suspended 9-month sentence in December 2007, but made a successful appeal against this in June 2008.

She also admitted that watching beheading videos was one of her favourite past-times.

How to Behead

Its not as messy or as hard as some may think
Its all about the flow of the wrist
Sharpen the knife to its maximum
And before you begin to cut the flesh
Tilt the fool´s head to its left.

Saw the knife back and forth.
No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream.
But ignore the donkey´s ass
And continue to slice back and forth.

You´ll feel the knife hit the food and wind pipe
But don´t stop.
Continue with all your might
About now you should feel the knife vibrate.

You can feel the warm heat
Being given off
But this is due
To the friction being caused.


  1. Can someone hunt this bint down and give her a taste of her own medicine?

  2. pakki muslim cunts have taken london now its londannistan!!!

  3. It is forbidden in islam to be doing such things without a reason, and the reason can be for self defense out on the battle field. Otherwise islamically against what the holy Prophet teaches us in his sunnah. For any muslims to carry out such acts is wrong and its unislamic.

  4. Anyone who dose anything that goes against the teachings of the holy Quran and sunnah therefore the has violated against laws set for muslims by Allah (God) almighty. This is not a person practicing islam this is a person who has gone astray from the path of religion.

  5. Momota. That is just a statement. Nothing more.

    There are over a hundred passages in the Koran, and many more in the hadiths and others Islamic texts, which endorse and encourage VIOLENCE against the "unbeliever". You know that. I know that. So why the vacuous TAQIYYA? You are not responding to a kuffar fool here.

    Just to make that statement is to say nothing. This is not an "interfaith meeting", a BBC interfaith programme or an article in the Guardian. I KNOW the violent reality of Islam. So do you.

    However, to advance and protect Islam you must lie and come out with mindless comments as the above.