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Friday, 17 September 2010

The Games Muslims Play: Dudley Super-Mosque Given the Go-ahead (Again)

- An analysis of the Dudley News article, "Mosque plan: ‘waiting over’", Wednesday 15th September 2010

[My comments are in black.]

DUDLEY'S Muslim leaders claim they "have waited long enough" as they announce plans to apply for full planning permission for a controversial new mosque and community centre.

That phrase, ‘waited long enough’, really makes it sound like ‘Dudley’s Muslims leaders’ (who voted them in? – who are they?) have really tried their hardest the make a deal and have been truly diplomatic all along. However, all of us who have been following this giant Muslim Game against the kuffar will realise otherwise. Many of us knew from the start that Dudley Muslim Association would not build again on its old site – for whatever reasons it could find at the time.

Dr Khurshid Ahmed, chairman of the Dudley Muslim Association (DMA), said the group would be pressing ahead for full permission for the Hall Street site, after Dudley Council bosses left them no alternative.

There is always an alternative. When the ‘last’ alternative fails, then often another two or three spring up. The phrase ‘there is no alternative’ is a rhetorical trope designed to make the kuffar feel that he has thus far been too picky or demanding, whereas the MDA has been the height of diplomacy.

In any case, Dr Khurshid phrase that Dudley Council bosses ‘left [him] with no alternative’ really means:

Dudley Council bosses left the DMA and Dr Khurshid with no alternative which we would accept.

That’s a way of reading Khurshid’s fine words. That is, they could have built a mosque on some forgotten rubbish tip some three miles outside of Dudley. That’s an alternative. But not the kind the DMA association wants. Because what it wants is a large supremacist mosque and an appended ‘Islamic centre’ which will firstly be used, for about three days, by the kuffar (when the cameras are there), and then will quickly become Dar a-Islam (the Abode of Islam) after that.

It was claimed then that plans would focus on a redevelopment of the current outdated Castle Hill mosque, although this was soon ruled out. Not big enough. Not intimidating enough? But I thought that all this had nothing to do with size.

So the redevelopment of the current Castle Hill mosque… was ruled out’? By whom? Why? By the DMA! Again: Why?

Council officers have since suggested the empty Gala Bingo building opposite the mosque, but Dr Ahmed said the DMA did not support the idea and had "decided they preferred Hall Street". Dr Ahmed said because the council had failed to come up with "an alternative viable site", it had left them no choice but to go with their original plans, which received outline planning permission on appeal from the High Court.

Why didn’t the DMA accept the Gala Bingo building opposite the current mosque? Not big enough? No intimidating enough? Because it was once called ‘Mecca’?

No ‘alterative viable site’. What does Kurshid mean by ‘viable’? A mosque that is massive and supremacist in intent? Of course he does. That’s precisely why he doesn’t specify.

… councillor Anne Millward, leader of the council, said she "disappointed" to hear DMA's plans, as the Gala Bingo site would have provided a suitable location.

Say no more.

Cllr Millward said: "Talks seemed to be very amicable so I was rather disappointed to hear this news. Everyone knows we lost the High Court appeal, but since then, we have been working very hard with the DMA to find somewhere else…”

"And we did suggest Gala Bingo as that is empty, and wouldn't actually cost them that much to purchase. But everyone has the right to put in planning permission, they own the land, but I support the original planning committee's decision – that is prime employment land."

Dr Ahmed confirmed the DMA is currently tendering for architects to redesign the Hall Street project, as they aim for something "to blend in with the area".

What does Dr Kurshid know about ‘blending into the area’? Is he an architect? Is the architect they will use going to be a Muslim? Of course he is! What precisely does ‘blending in’ mean? Is it the ‘area’ which will blend in with the mosque, or will the mosque blend into the area? What about that massive comic pink mosque in Bradford? Does that blend in? Does Arabic architecture blend in anywhere in the UK? What about the dozens of mosques which already clash with their non-Muslims environments? What about the ghetto which will spring up around this super-mosque? Will that blend into Dudley as well? I doubt it!

He said: "We don't want a huge minaret, the last design was taken all out of proportion. It was not the actual design and was used by some political parties as scaremongering tactics. I would be concerned if there was a minaret bigger than Top Church."

It all depends on what Kurshid means by ‘huge’. His ‘huge’ might not be the people of Dudley’s ‘huge’. Not being huge to him may mean ‘no higher than the local Church tower’ – or at least equal to it. In addition, it depends where the mosque is. A 50-foot-high minaret on to of a hill, etc. looks very supremacist and intimidating compared to a 100-foot-high minaret on level land.

"We are keeping open the doors and the dialogue with the council, but our intention is to proceed with Hall Street unless the council can find us another site."

As for ‘architect’s decisions’ and ‘planning decisions’. Presumably every mosque in the UK had been given permission to be built and there are thousands of them. Many huge supremacist mosques have been given permission. Mosques on sacred Christian land have been given permission. In fact, Muslims seem to get permission for everything they want to build, say or do today. And that is the problem.

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