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Thursday, 16 September 2010

An EDL Report: Dorset Police... A Disgrace?

*) Introduction. The last article is tangentially related to the EDL reports which we begin with. The article, and story, were posted some three months before what happened in Dorset to the EDL members. Makes you think.

Also, do you remember that story, about a year back, when some Government civil servent of some kind sent out instructions to convict and investigate more white (non-Muslim) 'terrorists'! Honest! This is what's behind it all. PC in the CopForce. They have been desparate to find non-Muslim terrorists. Some reports tell us that there have been literally random investigations and assressts of non-Muslims over the last few months.

AN EDL Report: Dorset Police... A Disgrace?


The following are accounts of the events that occurred during the Poole/Bournemouth alleged bombing conspiracy. We leave you to make your own opinions!


0n Friday 9th of July the newly-formed Poole EDL Division decided to hold its first meeting. To offer some moral support, myself and Tracy went along to the meeting held in a pub on the outskirts of Poole. Unfortunately only 6 of us turned up; those being myself, Tracy, Tim, John and both their partners. Tim was the only one we had met or had any dealings with prior to this evening. We spent the night having a giggle, getting to know each other and slagging off all those that said they were coming but didn’t. We also chatted about the EDL but nothing heavy. All in all, a nice, pleasant night. We all left around 22.30.


0n Thursday 22nd July, I came home early from working away so I could travel up to North Yorkshire the following morning to stay with my daughter for her 10th birthday.

In the evening we had a friend over for dinner as thanks for scrapping a car of mine that had broke down and would have cost too much to repair. Myself and Andy then went for a pint at our local yards from our flat. During the first pint people in the pub became aware of a lot of police activity outside. As I finished my pint and went to the bar, 3 plain clothed police asked me to go outside with them. I followed them out of the pub to find dozens of police, some armed, with the roads blocked off, as I was taken around the corner and cautioned that I was under suspicion of conspiring with others to cause an explosion at Bournemouth mosque. I replied: "Thank fuck for that. I thought it was something I’d done.”

I was taken to Lyndhurst nick and kept there for 24hrs. They would not tell me if anyone else had been arrested or if Tracy was ok. All the time I was in there I was refused access to washing facilities. I was questioned a number of times and told that we were heard planning to blow up a mosque in Bournemouth during the Poole meeting. I explained what was spoken about and nothing like that was mentioned. They also wanted to know the whereabouts of my car. I told them a friend had scrapped it that week, and I did not know where.

After 24 hrs, I finally found out Tracy was also in the same station and was being released with me, with No Further Action. We had to leave in our cell clothes, mine being a sky blue nurse-like outfit and beige foam slippers. We lived above a row of shops , offices and takeaway shops, and when we got to our address the driver couldn’t park near the entrance to our flat so we had to get out further up the road and do the walk of shame at 20.30 Friday night. Obviously hugely embarrassing for both of us.
This whole fiasco meant a ruined weekend for all of us. It was the first time I’d ever missed my daughter’s birthday.

A few days later the whole thing hit the national papers. The very same day all my security settings on my Facebook account were unlocked and my Facebook profile started appearing on UAF sites. The only people that had access to my account at the time were the police!

During our spell inside the flat was searched and a number of things taken, which we have never had a list of, including a car which I had borrowed from a female friend to get to work and Yorkshire. It took her 6 days to get her car back!

I was also told by the landlady of our flat that i would have to leave as she couldn’t have that sort of thing happening on her property.


On Thursday 22nd July, between 8.30pm and 9.00pm, I was taking a bath. I had cooked dinner for Alfred and our friend Andy and they decided to go to the pub for a quick drink.
I heard a lot of noise and commotion and thought it was those two returning and buggering about.

The police were shouting and screaming as they raided our flat and I shouted I was in the bathroom, they shouted at me to get out. I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door. As I did that a woman police officer in plain clothes pushed her way into the bathroom forcing me back onto the toilet. I was then taken into the lounge still wrapped in a towel.
I was in total shock and I can’t remember if any of them identified themselves to me. They explained what I had allegedly done (conspiring to cause and explosion to endanger property or life at a Bournemouth mosque) and I asked them if it was a wind up. I was told that I was under arrest, read my rights and that I needed to get dressed as I was being taken to Lyndhurst Police Station. I went into the bedroom with another female officer and she watched me get dressed.
I was then removed from the flat, put in a marked police car and driven to the police station.
I was sat in the holding cell for ages; they had to bring me a bucket as I thought I was going to throw up. While I was here I was interviewed about the whereabouts of our car. It had kept breaking down so Alfred had decided to scrap it. A friend organised this for us and I didn’t know where it had gone. I told them that over and over again! I was then taken through to the Custody Suite. I was feeling faint and nearly passed out while they were processing me. I was given a seat to sit on. All this is still a bit of a blur. I was told due to the nature of the charge I wasn’t allowed to even make a phone call.

I was then taken to a cell and asked to undress, while a female officer was in there and also another woman taking photos. I was given clothes that looked like hospital scrubs; the trousers were too tight so they brought me a pair of jogging bottoms that came halfway up my legs!!!! And a pair of bright green foam slippers. I felt totally humiliated. I did ask for a solicitor as I really felt that I needed to talk to someone. I was allowed to go and talk to her on the telephone, as she was reluctant to come over at that time of night. She could hear how distressed I was, so she told me she would be there in half an hour. I was then taken to have a chat with her and then subsequently interviewed in the early hours of the morning, where they kept on and on about the car. I did get annoyed at one point as I felt they weren’t listening to me.

I was then taken back to the cell until the morning. A different solicitor from the same company came to see me and we had a long chat. I asked if we could stay in the room longer as I didn’t want to go back in the cell. I was finding it really hard as I was suffering from sciatica at the time and I was very uncomfortable in there. Eventually, I knew he had to go and I went back to my cell. After a while he brought me some magazines, newspapers, sandwiches and a drink. I still couldn’t eat as I was in pain and feeling very sick.

In the afternoon I was then taken to an interview room and interviewed at length. I was asked many times how long I had been a member of the EDL (I pointed out time and time again that there is not a membership scheme I am just part of an organisation) I also tried to educate them that the EDL is not racist and why it was started and what the aims and objectives are!! I then had my fingerprints and DNA taken.

(During the time I was in custody the police got my boss and her husband (who is suffering with terminal cancer) out and went through my workplace as I am a key holder. I have worked there 18 years and have an unblemished record (as well as an unblemished police record!) They were out until 3am on Friday 23rd July. I have been told that my neighbours thought I had been murdered as they saw our flat full of police officers in white suits going in and out of the place and they too were there until around 3am.)

I was then put back in my cell, brought out one more time to talk to the solicitor. He again asked about the car…… I told him that hand on heart I didn’t know where it was. I was put back in the cell and then a little while after I was told I was going home.

I went back into the Custody Suite and was given my house keys and hair band back. I was told my clothes would be kept but we were being released with no further action.

Alfred gave me a hug and said “see it’s not always me, they do get it wrong!” We were then given a lift home from a local policeman. He dropped us off in the main road and we both had to walk in our police-issue clothes down the road and into where we live. I am glad that the road was quiet at the time as I would have been mortified if a lot of people had witnessed this.
We went back into our flat and although it was tidy, I felt very uncomfortable knowing that strangers had been in our flat going through our personal stuff. I felt that I had been legally burgled. They didn’t leave a list of what had been taken and to this day I can’t tell you what is exactly missing.

That night our neighbour let his door slam, and although I was asleep at the time I bolted out of bed to look out of the window. I got back into bed trembling from head to toe. From that night on I haven’t been able to sleep properly.

Friends have all offered to let me stay at their places while Alfred is working away but I feel that I have had to try and be strong and stay in our place. Even though I now hate being there on my own and I have to rely on my friends to come and stay with me during the week.

I went to see the Doctor on Wednesday 28th July on a routine matter but I did explain what had happened and how it has affected me. I was given Diazepam to help me sleep. I am so jumpy and the slightest noise makes me jump and I feel like my heart is going to burst out my chest at times with fright.

I have been given a written warning at work for bringing the Company name into disrepute even though I had done nothing wrong. We now have to move out of our flat as the Landlord has retracted permission for Alfred to live in the flat too. We are a couple and nobody or nothing will split us up. I have been branded a racist and that couldn’t be further from the truth as I have black and Indian friends and also mixed race step-niece and nephew.

So all in all, because the police went on rumour and hearsay (which I must add they told me not to do during interview) they have turned my life upside down. It has been six weeks since this happened and we still have none of our stuff back. Not even my mobile phone that I lowered myself to beg for as I have a very sick dad and I need to be contactable 24 hours a day. I was told that my effects would be back after a week, and they still aren’t here. Yesterday I was told that our property was all at Ferndown Police Station and we could collect it Saturday. It was then arranged that Andy would meet them today to collect it. Then this morning he had a conversation with the police and they told him that our stuff was in different locations in Dorset and wouldn't be returned until 8th September.


On Thursday 22nd July, I went round to Alf & Tracy's for dinner. After dinner, me and Alf went to the pub for a pint. I witnessed plain clothes police come in the pub and take Alf outside. While they were talking to Alfred I tried to call Tracy and then went down the road to the flat. There were police everywhere. I didn't get to the flat and walked back to the pub. The next thing I saw was Tracy being taken away in the back of a marked police car and then saw them take Alf away handcuffed in the back of a van. I then went home and my Mum told me there had been a car parked with two blokes in suits outside.

The next morning I was leaving the house to go to work when I unlocked the door, turned round and all hell let loose. The police wrestled me to the ground. I told them to get off me as I have a heart condition. They tried to handcuff me but didn't succeed. They took my van and house keys from me, put me in a police van and then to the police station. I was processed and then put in a cell. They took my clothes and shoes - being photographed all the time they were doing this. I was given police-issue clothes that didn't fit! I was kept in and interviewed about a "missing" car that was being used as a "bomb" I just laughed at them and said it had been scrapped by a friend but I didn't know its exact whereabouts. They were trying to make out that Alf had told them something different.

I had the Doctor visit me to give me my tablets as they wouldn't let me take them. These tablets help keep me alive!!! I am waiting to go back into hospital for open heart surgery. I was given no food in the time I was in custody. I was interviewed twice during this time. I was given a lift home.

When I got home I was told that my parents house had been searched after they had left to go out for the day. It seems they watched them leave the house and then let themselves in; so there wasn't a search warrant issued until around 1pm. Their neighbour phoned them to tell them there were police in forensic suits crawling all over the place. My parents got back to the house. They were refused entry to their OWN house and taken to the local police station for 6 hours. During this time, property belonging to me and my Mum and Dad was seized. They were allowed back in the house at around 8pm, which was just before I got back in.

My Dad has since been admitted to hospital with Cancer, he has had half his stomach removed and is still in a pretty bad way. During this time my Mum was worrying, stressed and still quite traumatised by all the business with the police and the way they were treated. On Thursday 26th August my Mum passed away in her sleep, as you can imagine this came as a massive shock. I had to go into the hospital and inform my very sick Dad that his wife of 43 years had passed away. He keeps asking for her and that in itself is heartbreaking.

We can't contact any of my Mum's friends to inform them of her passing as the police still have her mobile phone with all their numbers on it.

Tracy and myself have made numerous calls to different officers in the Dorset force to have our possessions returned. We thought we had finally made progress and were told that we could collect all our belongings from Ferndown Police Station on Saturday 4th September at 12pm. Both Alf and myself said: "No, they took the stuff so they can bring it back."

I arranged to collect a letter of authorisation from Tracy to collect hers and Alf's stuff too. Spoke to the Police and arranged to meet to collect our stuff. On the day that was supposed to happen, the policeman phoned me to say that he couldn't get our stuff to me. Apparently it is scattered over the county and needs to be gotten together before we can have it back. Funny, as Tracy was told that it was all in one place. I told him the importance of getting my Mum's phone back and he said he would go through the phone to get the numbers we need. I told him in no uncertain terms that it wasn't good enough. He then said I can meet him on Wednesday 8th September to get our stuff back.........None of us are holding our breath!

Tim Ablitt's Story

I was arrested at 5.55pm, on Thursday 22nd at my home address, by two CID and one uniformed officer. My dogs would not let them in my flat and I was not allowed to get my medication (painkillers etc). I was made to walk to a disabled toilet (I live in sheltered accommodation) and made to don a white paper suit and gloves. Totally embarrassing as anyone could have seen.

Then I was transported to Poole police station and made to wait in their car park for 15 mins.
I was told I would be out in two hours but I was concerned for my pets and my medication. I asked early on for legal representation. Then put in a cell. After a short while, I was photographed in the cell, stripped searched and given jogging trousers, tee shirt and canvas shoes. A senior officer then informed me that nobody would be informed of detention until at least 6 hours. Further, I asked for my dogs to be looked after by my girlfriend, who I was to find out, was also arrested!!

Given a sandwich for tea and I asked for my medication, including morphine. I was told that they would be collected for me. I take these pills at time determined by me. At 10pm-ish I was seen by a ‘nurse’ and then given a small dose of painkillers. I have a fused lower spine which is extremely painful and needs careful management. I asked for the full amount but was refused. After complaining, I was finally given the full amount after midnight. I am appalled that they did not comply with my requests and it caused me extreme pain.

After a sleepless night I was raised by early morning for a breakfast, a loose term. I was not allowed my reading glasses or any reading material. The bed they allowed me cause great pain and discomfort and I am extremely angry over my treatment.

On the Friday I was questioned early on about my land rover Discovery which has wires and two EMPTY fuel cans inside. They thought this vehicle was to be a bomb. They shot the window out, put the Marine base nearby on full alert, cancelled all trains from Weymouth and closed Ham worthy rail station. They also placed 300m exclusion around my flat, inconveniencing residents. I feel they totally mismanaged the whole event. They removed my car.

I was interviewed three times, each time good cop, bad cop. They asked about the others arrested, our Divisional meeting, and the plans to ‘bomb a mosque’ and about the EDL. It was clear this was a fishing exercise and there never was a plot. They admitted listening in on phone calls and monitored our movements from the start & following us to Dudley. The police had nothing on us for there never was anything. My human rights have been abused by being wrongfully arrested and detained. The originator of such lies can hide behind anonymity but I intend to pursue an IPCC complaint and demand compensation as I still have not received my belongings back. I was made to wait an hour at my property whilst they removed my computer, clothing, electric items and other stuff to my embarrassment. My car has been returned but in a dreadful state with scratches, no window and the contents ripped apart.

I have lost all respect for Dorset police. I consider them to be criminals who lie, steal and cheat. My dogs were left alone for several hours before being taken to the police station, totally overfed. I recovered them on the Friday evening.

My girlfriend, who is not EDL, has been embarrassed. We are getting back to normal but remain fearful. I have had to attend my doctors because I can’t sleep and keep getting flash backs.


Hate Crimes in Dorset

Have you heard the term ‘hate crimes’? Muslims in Dorset have been encouraged to report them, whatever they are. Indeed Dorset Race Equality Council has advised Dorset Police Diversity Development Managers (I’m out of breath!) to advise Muslims to report hate crimes ‘no matter how small’ they are.

I hate the term ‘hate crime’. What a ridiculous example of PC-speak. It was probably cooked up in the Office during a ‘team-building day’. Nauseating!

What is a ‘hate crime’? Saying that Islam ‘is a death-cult and a killers’ religion’? That may be too strong. What about saying that Islam ‘is a bad religion’? What about factual statements such as ‘Mohammed had sex with a 9-year-old girl’? Or ‘Mohammed exterminated the Banu Qurayza Jewish tribe (the dead amounted to between six and nine hundred men) and was recorded to have personally beheaded up to 900 people’? Are these statements hate crimes?

Let’s not tell any fairy tales here. Any criticism of Islam is a ‘hate crime’ to every Muslim. Thus ‘hate crime’ legislation will help enforce a case of the totalitarianism of the mind, which in turn will effectively prohibit any and all criticism of Muslims qua Muslims, the Koran and Mohammed the Paedophile… sorry, the Prophet.

It’s all jobs-worth any road. Take the case of Adnan Chaudry. (Any relation? He’s got a mother.) He’s the Chief Officer of the Dorset Race Equality Council, and you can be guaranteed that he’ll come up with at least eight ‘hate crimes’ before each lunchtime. And the more he is paid, the more hate crimes he’ll be sure to discover.

Then Dorset Race Equality Council (DREC) will need to employ yet more anti-racists to deal with this new deluge of hate crimes. Thus Chaudry may then give new jobs to his brothers or to his mates. And all the time the definition of a ‘hate crime’ will be broadened to make more acts, and even thoughts, illegal. In no time at all, non-Muslims will be arrested for farting outside mosques or for misspelling ‘Eid’ in a council office. Dorset Race Equality Council itself says that ‘even minor incidents should be reported to the authorities’. It would say that, wouldn’t it? Jobs-worth! I would love to know what it means by a ‘minor incident’. Actually, I would love to know what its means by a ‘major hate crime’. Not handling the Koran without gloves on, as is the Islamic requirement on non-Muslims?

I’m sure that Stalin’s secret police, or the East German Stasi, kept themselves busy with people’s hate crimes or, in their case, ‘crimes against the people’ (i.e., crimes against the state). All Government setups tend to grow in size and power and thus become bureaucracies. That is, before other people on the outside come to realise that they are manufacturing their own ‘hate crimes’ or whatever the alternative happens to be.


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  2. This is not the first time I have heard that Dorset Police seem to follow their own rules.
    Something needs to be done about this particular police force. It disgusts me how they are treated
    and before you get rid of my comment, understand that you are no better than the Dorset Police if you decide who has rights to the freedom of speech.