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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Burn a Koran Day

Yes, I suppose a ‘book-burning day’ does resurrect images of the Nazis when they began burning books. But they burned books in the plural. They didn’t burn many copies of a single book. They burnt many books: works from literature, philosophy, science, theology, even geography… anything that went against the norms and beliefs of the Nazis.

When it comes to ‘Burn a Koran Day’ only one book, which has many copies, will be burned. What’s more. There has been a very long tradition of book-burning in Islamic history. That is one of the ways Islam sustained itself through history and it also helped with its expansionist or imperialist programme. Even the works of the great Muslim philosophers and scientists - the very same ones which contemporary Muslims talk about to non-Muslims today to prove the enlightened nature of Islam - had their books burned. After that, they were either killed or imprisoned (e.g., Avicenna, Averroes, etc.).

The Koran itself was responsible for a year zero on all other books. It says of itself that no books are really required after it – at least as far as theology, governance and civil society are concerned. It was this Koranic or Islamic monoculture which led to the persecution of many great Muslim (not Islamic) philosophers, theologians and scientists. Islam has been a book-burning religion. Even recently it has demanded the burning of many books, including Rushdie’s the Satanic Verses, as well as that complementary book by an American author called Aisha. It has also burned flags, copies of cartoons, churches, synagogues and god knows what else.

So burning a single book, the Koran, can be seen as a way to save the thousands of books and other artefacts which will no doubt be burned or banned by Islamic regimes both now and in the future. So rather than ‘Burn a Koran Day’ reminding people of the Nazis. It is Islam, with the fuel that is the Koran, which should really force images of Nazi book-burning on the peoples of the world. By burning the Koran, one symbolically speaks out against the burning of books in the plural. We should also think of the book-burning Islamic regimes which have been inspired by that book, the Koran, and of the many authoritarian regimes which have been inspired by it.

People have said: ‘But what about freedom of expression?’ What of it? The Pastor is not banning the book - he is burning it. This will be a symbolic act. After the burning of the Koran, there will still be billions of copies of this abominable book. When the Nazis burned books, some of them disappeared for ever.

Paedophile books are already burned. (Some say that the Koran is a book which justifies and endorses paedophilia!) Books about setting fire to black churches in were burned in the US. Bomb-making books are burned or kept off the bookshelves. So it's nothing new. It just that the Nazis burned nearly all non-Nazi books, as Muslims have done in the past with all non-Muslim books. The Muslims are getting a taste of their own book-burning medicine.

Many people are worried - and have warned - about the Muslim backlash and how this event is simply egging-on Muslims. No one seems to ask the relevant question:

Why are Muslims so easily inspired to riot, to carry out suicide bombings and other acts of violence?

What we do, instead, is question the legitimacy of the Satanic Verses, or the Danish cartoons, or American actions in Afghanistan, etc. We should ask why Muslims, particularly, are so easily ‘offended’ or ‘insulted’ and why they turn so quickly to violence as a political tool.
The very book we are discussing here – the Koran – provides us with many of the answers to this question. And that’s partly why it is being burned.


  1. Funny that the drunk, spliff smoking, drug taking Anjem Choudary can announce he will burn the American flag outside the US Embassy this coming Saturday and NO ONE says anything about it. But when it comes to burning the Qu'ran all hell break loose. Cameron is a damn coward Islamic appeaser!
    In fact all those who "condemn" this are dhimmis.

    I am all for it. Burn the damn unholy book!

  2. there'a jihad on, book-burning or not imho