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Friday, 3 September 2010

Bradford Muslims want sharia-like punishment for EDL members

- A reply to the Telegraph & Argus article 'CCTV footage to be studied after disorder arrests at EDL protests', written by Marc Meneau, 3rd September 2010

Police have vowed to bring the full force of the law against anyone involved in violence during a far-right demonstration in Bradford last Saturday. [That ubiquitous ‘far right’ again! ‘Far right’? Who says so? Searchlight, Hope Not Hate, We are Bradford, the Guardian and UAF/SWP say so and therefore the regional press says so. ‘Far right’ = fascist! They just don’t want to embarrass themselves with that word.]

West Yorkshire Police are to scrutinise CCTV footage of the English Defence League’s demonstration in the city centre following a string of arrests for disorder.

So far two men have been charged as police made a total of 14 arrests after outbreaks of violence at the static protest. [Don’t expect any mention of the arrests of Muslims in this article. Muslims can only be victims and never perpetrators. They are never guilty. Only the kuffar can be guilty. Even their leftist enablers believe this.]

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police, said: “We will be reviewing the CCTV footage for the day and looking to bring justice to anyone who was causing trouble on the day.” [Including Muslims? I doubt it.]

Trouble briefly flared during the protest in Bradford’s Urban Garden as police attempted to keep hundreds of EDL supporters in check. Smoke bombs, stones and bottles were thrown towards the group’s opponents, forcing mounted police and officers wearing riot gear to move in. [The first smoke bomb was thrown into the EDL demo by Muslims and the UAF/SWP. This seems to have escaped Marc ‘with a “c”’ Meneaud and just about every other thick or lazy regional journalist. There are even photos and video footage which prove it.] A group of the protesters managed to break free from the police cordon, clambered over hoardings at the Westfield site and ran towards Bolton Road. A police officer suffered minor injuries during the demonstration. [If it were a proper march, all this might not have happened. If you cage people as if they are animals, then they will behave like animals. Also, there is no mention in this article about UAF and Muslim provocation. Muslims, as per usual (never forget about what happened in Dudley!), were given free reign to do what they liked in Bradford that day, especially around Bradford Cathedral and near Forster Square train station.]

Arshad Ali, a spokesman for We Are Bradford, said those found guilty of taking part in the violence should receive “significant” sentences, in line with those handed out after the Bradford riots nine years ago.

He said: “Asian youths involved in the 2001 disturbances were meted out heavy long-term sentences for similar offences. We hope there will be equality and parity in the way justice will be done.” [It is clear that this Muslim, Arsehead Ali, still has a bee in his bonnet about the sentences placed on the rioting Muslims after the 2001 riot. He does not say that they were too severe, but it is clear that he thinks that they were. Why else would he bring up a riot which happened nine years ago and has no direct relevance to the EDL static demo? He probably thinks that Muslims should never be punished by the kuffar. After all, Muslims always have an excuse for rioting, killing, suicide bombings, etc: they have been ‘insulted’, ‘offended’, they are victims of colonialism, Zionists, or whatever. Muslims are the Victim Class supreme. They are children and they are never culpable. They are acting in response to the sins of others – the sins of the infidel. Or, as Salma Yaqoob said about the London bombings, Muslim acts of violence are simply ‘reprisal attacks’ for what Zionists or infidels have done to them.

In any case, how can Arsehed Ali compare a few stray rioters running around, who weren't really EDL anyway but mainly young Bradfordian yobs, with the burning down of social clubs, shops and houses, the days of rioting, the burning out of cars, the petrol bombs, etc. of the Bradford Muslim Riot of 2001? There is absolutely no comparison – and he knows it. Again, he is angered that the Muslim rioters were punished at all. But to say that would result in his political suicide in Bradford. Even many of his leftist enablers would not want him to say what he really thinks about Muslims being punished by the kuffar state.]

Bradford-based human rights group JUST West Yorkshire, commended the police’s actions in containing the EDL demonstrations. Director Ratna Lachman urged the police to consider even more prosecutions for inciting racial hatred.

She said: “JUST considers that there may be clear grounds for prosecution under the Crime and Disorder offences on the basis of racial aggravation.

“It is also clear some of the members of the EDL have broken the terms of the right to a static protest by climbing the barriers and breaking away from the static protest. JUST is calling for appropriate punitive measures to be brought to bear.” [Why would a ‘human rights group’ want the police to come down heavy on the EDL? Is it because human rights groups are often far-left organisations in disguise which pursue agendas which have little to do with real human rights and more to do with trying to control American, Israel and all groups and individuals who dare to be right of centre. Think about the human rights organisations which have displayed outright racism towards the ‘Zionist state of Israel’ over the years. Think about how they more or less ignore the torture and brutality which occurs in many Islamic and Arabic states. So don’t preach to us, Ratna Lachman.

I’ll tell you what Lachman thinks ‘inciting racial hatred is’. It is chanting things like ‘No sharia in the UK’, or ‘Mohammed was a paedo’, or even ‘No mosques in the UK until a church is built in Mecca’. That's what ‘racial hatred’ is to her and to many Muslims and their leftist enablers. But of course it’s not racism. It is justifiable anger against militant Islam and Islamism; as well as against the million outrages committed in the name of Islam and the diseased ‘Prophet’. Look! I too am ‘inciting racial hatred’. And you will never stop the EDL from telling the truth with such pathetic laws and rationalisations. Islam is not the victim. We are victims of Islam!

In any case, organisations like JUST seem to pop up like mushrooms in October. They're all designed to pursue an ideological or political agenda; not to to secure human rights at all. I bet you that this group deals with only kuffar offences against Muslims. I bet it is part of the Guantanomo Bay bandwagon – that prison was a holiday camp compared to what goes on in Egypt, Syria, Palestine and many other Islamic and Arabic states.

*) Notes:

JUST West Yorkshire, mentioned in the article above, calls the 2001 Muslim Riots 'Northern Uprisings'! Can you believe it. It also says in the above that Muslims can never be guilty of anything - and this proves it.

I also - admittedly - guessed that it would be part of the Guantanomo Bay bandwagon. Then I checked the website above. And guess what? Assad Baig's (or whatever his name is) ugly mug smiled back at me. Send him to Egypt or Syria - where he'll really be tortured!

'We are Bradford' is also mentioned. Someone has pointed out that its main number is a London number. So much for 'EDL outsiders'.

Remember this name - Ratna Lachman

She gets about:

JUST West Yorkshire, We are Bradford, SWP, UAF, conferences on the Other and Othericity, Community Cohesion, Embracing Diversity... talk about a leftist entrepreneur! Jobsworth in flesh.

Fight the Revolution through human rights groups, Hope Not Hate, JUST West Yorkshire, pop concerts, UAF...anything. Whatever it takes to radically change our country. To make it unrecognisable. Actual - violent- revolution is no longer really on the plate. Thus the 'culture wars' continue. And these bastards are winning!


  1. "We are Bradford"??? With a London phone number?

    These scum are all liars, thieves and perverts.

    The police are run by muslims up there. Different story in Brighton!

  2. I have to commend this site. I find the sustained analysis extremely insightful.

    History will look back on these days and see that whilst the media were supine collaborationists, it was individuals like RS Peters who told it like it is.

  3. Islam is not, never has been, and never will be, a race. End of fkn story.

  4. i wonder if they will arrest any Muslims for there acts of violence

  5. the plan is to pull a kosovo in Britain, probably in the North.