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Monday, 6 September 2010

The Birmingham Mail, the Telegraph & Argus, etc. and the Far Left

At first glance it may seem conspiritorial or just plain stupid to associate regional newspapers with Trotskyists and Trotskyism. But if you read this it will be plain that I am not exactly saying that these regional newspapers are far left politically. I'm saying that they are often used or hoodwinked by the far left. That is something completely different.

For example, how can the Engish Defence League be ‘far right’? How can a single-issue group be ‘far right’? Right and left groups are defined by a whole batch of beliefs, ideologies and principles across the board. Even in principle, being against Islamofascism can’t make someone either far left or far right. The adjective ‘far right’ is often simply parroted by regional journalists who can’t be bothered thinking for themselves or are too stupid to do so. Fancy accusing a group of being ‘far right’ for being against something which is itself in many ways fascist – Islamism or Islamofascism. This is quite simply perverse. It doesn’t make sense.

That’s where the Trotskyists come in. They create the lexicon, and sometimes even supply the content, of political ‘discussion’ which they then feed to lazy or thick regional journalists who don’t even realise they are being played around with by deceitful, manipulative and deeply anti-democratic Trots.

That’s how the Trots have power these days. No one joins the Socialist Workers Party or other revolutionary Trot groups any more (except for around 3 or 4 first-year students each year). No one wants a violent revolution. The working class never did. So the Trots infiltrate, take over and, as I said, provide the lexicon and even the content of all debates about Islam, racism and whatnot. That’s where the power lies. It is a disguised or hidden power... Actually, it’s not that secret to those who want to look. It only takes five minutes of Google-time to realise that the leadership of UAF includes at least four active and important members of the SWP – an anti-parliamentary red-fascist party. Why are the Birmingham Mail, Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus, the Bolton News, etc. so damn stupid?

Take the example of ‘anti-racism concerts’. These ‘annual antiracism concerts in every major city’ are uncritically written about in the Birmingham Mail, etc. They are just the trick for the IslamoTrots to get down to their dirty business of radicalising people. Instead of a ‘SWP festival’, the Trots do their stuff hidden behind organisations like Hope Not Hate, the UAF, Music not Racism, We are Bradford, JUST West Yorkshire and others. No wonder. As soon as the SWP shows a banner or approaches with a Socialist Worker newspaper people run a mile. That’s why we now have Hope Not Hate, Music not Racism and the Guardian instead.

The Marxist Gramsci - and many other Marxists - gave up on straight down-the-line revolution ages ago. Now it’s all about infiltration or the creation of groups and organisations which don’t wear their Trotskyism on their sleeves. Even the Church of England, along with Methodists, are nowadays often the gullible children of PC bullshit and failed Trotskyist ideas.

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  1. I don't think lefties realize what the consequences of living under lefty rule are; take away the rich, out-lawing individual ambition, and you take away dreams of getting on in life, dreams that can and do come true, if only in part.

    The celebtations of the knocking down of the Berlin Wall (and its consquences) are too easily forgotten.

    Lefty life is a gloomy life; nobody who has lived it raves about do they?