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Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Aussies Fight Back! [video]

Some encouragement from Australia (Sydney). It's a bit like an EDL demo - but with sunshine!

That day was the day the Aussies would take no more:

"‎2005 - Tension had been building for months as gangs of Lebanese Muslims swarmed onto Sydney's Cronulla beach, jostling elderly patrons, abusing Australian families and threatening to 'rape Aussie sluts' for wearing bikinis. They did not come to enjoy the beach in the Australian tradition. They came to flout their disrespect for Australian culture and for Australian law and order." - Espial Analekta

"I was there. For years and years, around the area, young Lebanese Muslim men (not all Lebs are like this) used to come in big groups to pick on women and call them ‘sluts’, spit on them, etc. They can't fight one-on-one. The Lebs are always 10+. They always caused trouble - for years… until the week before this they severely beat up two young lifesavers and put them in hospital. That was the last straw for the area. So a protest was organized."
- Mark Kelly


  1. Great video! Police as usual protecting pislamists!

  2. Now you're celebrating massive race riots in which innocent bystanders were brutally attacked, and saying that that's just like an EDL demo? Why do the left even need Lancaster Unity when you're posting that sort of thing for them? And have you listened to the lyrics on that video's soundtrack? "Race war! Stand up for race and nation, etc."
    Did you even watch the video and/or do any research on Cronulla?
    Just trying to determine whether this was posted out of ignorance, or whether you genuinely think EDL should start race riots against all people who look a bit Middle Eastern.

  3. Well Kaplan it was hardly substantial evidence of a race riot was it! i didnt see even one solitary attack or racist gesture on anybody who looked abit middle eastern the only thing was a few isolated incidents with the police other than that it looked like a right good piss up Fair Play You Bunch Of Convicts.

  4. Did you bother to look up Cronulla, or are you basing it on this one approving video? Of course, even that gives the game away with images of racist violence and, most tellingly, the massively racist song they use as a sound track with the lyrics all about 'race war' etc.