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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Are Muslims Really 'Demonised'?

Trotskyists practice their own brands of demonisation. Everyone who disagrees with their infantile IslamoTrotskyism is classed as ‘the enemy’. They use this term about everybody who is not in tiny IslamoTrot club. They use that word at least four times in every article.

And we all know what should be done with ‘enemies’ – they should be killed.

Muslims, on the other hand, are very rarely ‘demonised’. This is just a buzz word which Trots and IslamoTrots fixate upon. They copy it from other Trots and IslamoTrots. That’s why they all sound like wind-up versions of each other. Such is the case with the other buzz words like ‘bigot’, ‘racist bigot’, ‘Israeli crimes’ and so on.

Before the London bombings (2005), Muslims were virtually never demonised. Asians qua Asians, or brown people qua brown people, were indeed the victims of racism. But very few people suffered because they were Muslim. This might have changed a bit in recent years. And perhaps it is a good thing that people now can make a distinction between Muslims and Asians.

Even the media does not ‘demonise’ Muslims qua Muslims. They demonise Choudary, Hizb ut-Tahrir and other loonies. Do Trots think that not even these Muslims should be demonised? The public are against you Trots. Especially the ‘working people’ that you claim - or pretend - to represent.

Again, Trots, Islamists and IslamoTrots are the masters of demonisation. They demonise everyone who is not far leftist, Islamist or Muslim. They began by demonising the BNP. Then they demonised the EDL. If the climate is right, then they will get on to the right wing of the Tory Party. Then the centre of the Conservative Party. Then all of the Tory Party. Then it’ll be on to New Labour. Then...

And the worst cases of IslamoTrot demonisation are when they demonise other competing far-left groups, whom they despise more than they despise the ‘neo-cons’ and ‘Zionists’. This is a big fat bag of demonisations. So don’t talk to us about 'Muslims being demonised', when the far left demonises just about everyone, not just a single group.

And Respect's Salma Yaqoob once had the nerve to talk about the Nazi ‘demonisation of the Jews’. What nauseating audacity! Are there any groups in the world that are more responsible for the recent rise in anti-Semitism (Judeophobia), which is far worse than ‘Islamophobia’ at present, than the Islamist and IslamoTrot groups which Yaqoob supports? Many of her Islamist friends will be Holocaust deniers. Some of her far-leftist friends are also Holocaust deniers. After all, Chomsky says that 'Holocaust denial is not anti-Semitic'.

Not only all that. Think about what all that propaganda about Israel, ‘the Occupation’, ‘the Nakba’, and all the other shit has done to increase anti-Semitism in recent years. The rise in anti-Semitic attacks in the UK and Europe as a whole occurred while Yaqoob was out on the Birmingham streets marching and shouting about ‘Israeli crimes against the Palestinians’. That constant demonisation of the Israelis – the Jews – has had it desired effect and it has tapped into the already-existing and fanatical anti-Semitism that has been part of Islam for over one thousand years – ever since the Jews stuck their fingers up to the Prophet Mohammed and said that they would never follow him and his new religion.

There is very little genuine ‘Islamophobia’ either. Tariq Ramadan coined that term as a useful blunt instrument to silence and knock all critics of Islam, the Koran and Muslims. And my God it has been useful and very effective. Even different far left groups accuse each other of being ‘Islamophobic’. Thus we had the Respect Party accusing the SWP of being ‘Islamophobic’. We had groups within the SWP accusing each other of being ‘Islamophobic’. We had Ger Francis accusing everyone in the world apart from himself of being ‘Islamophobic’.

Thus the word has lost most of its efficacy. No one takes such accusations seriously anymore. It has suffered the same fate as the words ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’.

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  1. it is a meaningless word it was shorthand for "be careful not to contradict"

    homophobia = homo/latin for the word same and phobia/greek for fear = frightened of being the same as gays.

    The word was a criticsm levelled at the then closet (secret in other words) gays who were publicly denouncing homosexuality while practising it (til they got it right/gay joke) in private.