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Thursday, 2 September 2010

After Bradford, a new (herbal) non-violent FATWA is issued on left-wing muppet journos [Casuals United Blog]

- September 1, 2010, by Joe Cardiff, @ Casuals United Blog

Ok guys and gals. Bradford has shown us something that should have slapped us in the face ages ago. Left-wing muppets are wandering around our demos, willy-nilly, pretending to be journalists, taking pics and trying to interview the dullest people they can find; or deliberately picking out the “plants” they have put in there. (Example: the guy who said “niggers are ok I just don’t like the Asians” if he wasn’t a plant what is?) The journo who was invited on the bus had a hidden camera as well as his official one.

Muppets have walked around the EDL Bradford demo area taking pics and trying to humiliate people, while Nick from Searchliar lurks on a ledge across the road snapping away trying to catch anything that will get a “fascist” in trouble. At least two EDL members addresses have gone out on Facebook as a result. A deliberate act in the hope they will be attacked. Should we bend over to be shafted guys?

This is no joke people. These commie twats are out to find out who members are and either get them nicked/attacked or get them sacked, so why should we facilitate them?

After discussions with leaders of the 73 different Casuals United groups, it is felt that the presence of Indymedia or other left-wing muppets at any future patriotic demo, by whatever group, is a threat to public order as a lot of our lads are VERY angry about the situation. Its like letting Gary Glitter baby-sit for you! Would an EDL media team be allowed to wander amongst the Jihadists and their self-hating (the EDL makes me ashamed to be a white Tarquin) cronies? I don’t think so. So why do we allow our enemies in amongst us?

Let these nobs write that we are scared of what they will see etc. Fuck them! This ain't the teddy bears’ picnic. This is us. The betrayed. The despised - taking their country back. The writings of anti-British morons don’t matter a jot; but we wont help them to defame us.

Remember, on Talk Sport last night Weyman Bennett refused to condemn the Jihadists, it's as simple as that. He will side with anyone who hates Britain.

At all future liaison meetings with police they will be told: left-wing journos being let in is a threat to public order and we cant guarantee their safety. Any that do get in will be removed, whether they like it or not. Get that Mugs.

This FATWA is non-violent; but we can’t guarantee your safety if you break it. It’s as simple as that comrades.

- Joe Cardiff @ Casual United Blog

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