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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Unite Against Fascism: Anti-EDL and Anti-Democracy

[Below: seconds before this pose, this UAF infiltrator, or Trot, gave
the UAF cameraman the thumbs-up. Then he gave a
lightening-fast Nazi salute. Despicable - but for a good cause?]

[Below: the Reverend Ray Gaston, of Birmingham's Respect, Stop
the War, the SWP, the Islamic faith, Methodism and Anglicanism,
and, once, Rastafarianism.]

The bottom line is that UAF, and Trots generally, do not trust democracy. Their hatreds and bugbears, plus their numerous 'enemies', are just so palpably evil (a word which they wouldn't actually use), that anti-democratic means and tactics, as well as plain old violence, are often and completely justified by these people. They always have an ostensibly good reasons for their 'no platform' policies:

'X is fascist' or 'Position Y is racist'.

The usual mindless rubbish.

This is why Trotskyism and Marxism always end in the gulag, with a Party-run state police, secret services, massive repression and, ultimately, mass death - just as with the Nazis. As the anarchists always used to say (before they merged with the far left - listen to the second recording below (2)):

In all fundamental and all important ways, the far left simply merges with the far right. They are indistinguishable when it comes to what matters to all non-extremists, of both the left and right.

This recording graphically shows UAF's position. The man says:

'If democracy allows the EDL to demonstrate, then I'm against democracy.'

This man may be old, but that just means he is more honest and uses less obfuscation that the average professional or student Trot or Communist. He believes in exactly the same as they do, but with less flowery and deceitful rhetoric.

This recording should work as a warning to all those regional journalists, councillors, 'faith leaders' or 'enablers', etc. who take up far left causes, or who work alongside the far left, that these people are essentially fascists - red fascists!


2) Anarchists on the EDL

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