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Monday, 30 August 2010

Muslims take over UAF demo in Bradford

This is a video of Muslims having taken over the UAF/SWP counter-demo against the EDL in Bradord.

It is only a matter of time before these Muslims deal these atheist Trots a fate far worse that that - death! It has happened many times before. The Leftists enable Muslims and the Muslims repay them by killing them. It happened in Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, etc. and has already happened, but on the small scale, here in the UK. Remember what happened to George Allahway?

I don't blame the Muslims. Would you like to be patronised or 'enabled' by a bunch of middle-class students and professionals from down south? Would anyone like that?


  1. A crowd of uglies and their attendant - what we used to call "dirty old men"- people that like to be in crowds to rub themselves against any young men/women surreptitiously!

    I suppose now they are called UAF or imams! Heh!

  2. There were no UAF here. They were still having their little party in the square nearby when this was all kicking off.