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Friday, 13 August 2010

Just How Sick, Psychotic and Delusional is the Average Anti-Semite?

This sick, psychotic and delusional....

"I know you'll just ignore this email I know you''re just now thinking of who I might be I know at the end of this email you'll have reached a decision that I am one of those fanatics who stormed you with behemoth of correspondence I know you'll not bother to reply to me and this email will belong to your bin
I know you shall never stop to fight Islam
I know you'll be defeated at the end
I know you're manipulating the lost sheep of the Muslims
I know you're JEWS the worst virulent on earth and the most bitter enemy of Islam
Not only Islam, all religions including Judaism yet whole of humanity

Now look
Herzl- A Zionist
David Horowitz, -A Jew
Spencer -A Jew
Daniel Pipe- A Jew
Ariel Sharon- A Jew in Comma , May he rot in comma hell forever, it's Ramadan may Allah simmer him in hell fire
The biggest terrorist Ben Gurion -terrorist Irgun Leader- A Jew
Adolf Hitler- A Jew who killed only 6 SIX JEWS and CNN, Fox News , CBS, added another six figures
Nebuchadnezzar- A Jew
Netneyahu-A Jew
Ahmedinajjad- A covert Jew exposed by the Independent

Norman Finkelstein - Non Jew
Noam Chomsky - Non Jew
Murdochai Vanunu - Non- Jew

John Haggee
Gilder- Spencer's best Satan friend
Ayan Hirsi- A bum with a history of psychiatric problems and down 's syndrome[ Sponsored by New York based Jews, she is just in for the few pennies and love of this short life, she dotes on fame and she 's getting at the cots of hell fire
Irshad Manji- Half Man-Half Woman with diabolic spiky hair- She came in from Uganda, settled in Canada , hungry Asian who came barefooted and poverty stricken, what about few pennies by Jews in Canada
Noonie Darwish- The Egyptian greediness, sister of the stooge Mubarak- She has been well know to be suffering of mental disturbances with a history of family feud
Gabrielle- Christian Lebanese full of hatred, No wonder !.
Wafa Sultan - the Mad cow disease suffering half-man half woman, hey the bigger Devil, she was a Nuseiri , Syria's worst sect believing in God incarnate, she was not Muslimah at first place,,, I am astonished as to how and why she was given the privilege on AlJazeera to be debated with by a Muslim scholar. Did you see the Zionist agents in AlJazeera, the Druze, what they did!. Mossad links worked well that day.
What else ?. last comes the Shin Bet sheep. Mossab, Hassan Yusuuf, the whole story: He was prisoned, another Shin Bet agents disguised as Hamas inmates, they gave him hardest time. Poor Mossab, he could not grasp this tactic which was planned long time
He starts to hate Hamas. A young Shin Bet jewish girl attracts him, as Mossad did with Murdachai Vanunu in Rome. he was introduced to Shin bet, his handler shows him kindness and wholehearted smiles. he is being recruited,, aim was to take revenge on his Dad.
Still they don't trust him and want to cut him to pieces but he's useful asset now. One evidence, did you see how despised and disgusted with he is. They covered his whole personality with the words SON OF HAMAS. Look at the cover books of writers, straight jacketed, glossy cover paper with the title on one side., a TRAITOR, jUDAS, he is worse than dogs


Now either destroy, delete or reply me

Le meme choise

I fulfilled my duty towards your ISLAMOPHOBIA."

*) A post to Jihad Watch

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