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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

It is right to march against the racist EDL [Socialist Worker Online]

Racist and fascist thugs are planning to descend on Bradford over the August bank holiday weekend. [As Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi, once said: 'If you repeat a lie enough times the people will believe it.' This is exactly what the SWP does with its endless and brainless repeats of the cliché ‘racist and fascist thugs’. Does the SWP really believe that every single supporter and member of the EDL is a ‘racist and fascist thug’? Does the SWP know what it is to be a fascist or do they simply class everyone they disagree with as a ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist racist thug’?

The SWP has been doing this for decades. It’s all its politics amounts to – simple and brainless first-year-student rhetoric. Nothing more. Nothing less. They even used to call Tories 'fascist’ in the 1980s, as well as everyone else who wasn’t a leftist student or an ex-student leftist. Sometimes you get the strong feeling that the SWP simply isn’t worth responding to with the brainless level of its debate (if it can be called debate at all).

It also says that the EDL is going to ‘descend on Bradford’. That’s partly true. But what of those EDL who are members of the EDL Bradford Division? Are they going to descend on Bradford too? What about UAF and the SWP's Martin Smith from Hackney? Will he descend on Bradford? Weyheyman Bennett? All those other SWP who seem to be from London? And all the coaches the UAF are putting on? Of course, if you’re a Trot and support Iran’s right to nuclear weapons, and therefore its right to nuclear Jihad, then they won’t descend on Bradford, they’ll quietly float there.]

The English Defence League (EDL) has one aim—to terrorise and intimidate Bradford’s Muslim population. [Is that what they are going to do? I didn’t know that. Still, it certainly sounds dramatic and Socialist Worker, like its right-wing equivalent, the Sun, likes a bit of titillation, doesn’t it?

Is it likely that a few thousand EDL demonstrators are going to ‘terrorise and intimidate’ Bradford’s very large Muslim population; especially since they will be protected and hyped up by a few hundred unwashed Trots and well as by many very nice anti-racists and anti-fascists. And let’s not forget the Bearded Ones – the Holy Islamists.]

Yet some people are arguing that it is a mistake for anti-racists to hold a counter-protest. They say that previous counter-protests have not stopped the EDL and that the best strategy is to call on the police and government to ban the EDL’s demonstration. [What do these people actually mean by ‘stopping the EDL demonstrations’? What do they mean? Stopping by the use of violence? How would that work, exactly? This is an official endorsement of violence by the UAF/SWP as you can get. It is explicitly about the use of violence to ‘stop’ the EDL. Yet in the next breath the SWP/UAF call the EDL ‘thugs’! The hypocrisy is mind-boggling! There is no group of people as violent and thuggish as the red fascists – that’s why they are red fascists. That’s why, historically, these people have murdered en mass and built gulags. They simply cannot cope with contradiction except with violence and calls to ban this, that and the other.

They are indeed anti-democratic scum quite simply because they don’t see Western democracies as democracies at all. Yet Anglican/Methodist ministers, regional journalists, trade unionists, local councillors/politicians, etc. join hands with these red fascists at demos like this. They are fighting the wrong people. It is the SWP front, UAF, which is the real enemy of democracy and the real cause of violence... Still the entire left is one large happy family. No member should rock the boat.

The UAF/SWP makes it even more explicit when it urges its followers not to rely on the police to protect Muslims and other people involved in these events. How clearly in favour of violence can an organisation be? And yet it is the EDL which gets all the flack! What a disgrace! These ‘fellow travellers’ are holding hands with their potential destroyers - and they don’t even know it. Just as the SWP is holding hands with its future destroyers – the Islamists!]

But where the EDL has been met with only limited opposition on the streets, the consequences have been dire. In Stoke at the start of the year hundreds of EDL thugs rampaged through Asian areas, smashing shops and homes. [The stories about the EDL ‘rampaging through the Asian areas’ of Stoke were simply made up by the SWP/UAF to radicalise and heat up the Muslim community. Trots are allowed to tell simple lies if it furthers radicalisation or the revolution. And that is what they did in Stoke. They did it in Bradford in 2001 when they said that ‘the NF are heading towards Manningham’ when there were only a handful of NF and they weren’t heading towards Manningham either. And they will do the very same in Bradford at the end of August. All means the SWP/UAF use are justified by the end/s. That is what makes Trotskyism, Trotskyism – unprincipled thuggery.]

Since January, counter-protests have gathered support and checked the EDL—in Bolton, Dudley, Newcastle, Cardiff and elsewhere. A massive anti-racist mobilisation in Tower Hamlets in London’s East End forced the EDL to cancel their racist rally.

Anti-racist protests serve another purpose too. They are a tangible demonstration of solidarity by anti-racists with Muslim communities under attack by the EDL. [Except that many Muslim communities are racist too... Oh, I forgot. The brown oppressed can't be racist - by Trotskyist definition!]

The EDL are calling Bradford “the Big One”. Stoke was a warning about what happens when our side doesn’t mobilise on the streets. There must be no repeat of Stoke in Bradford—a city with one of the largest Muslim populations outside London. That’s why it’s right that a “We are Bradford” event to celebrate the city’s multicultural diversity is being held in opposition to the EDL’s racist demonstration. [I was waiting for that word to arrive – ‘diversity’!] All anti-racists should campaign to make this as big as possible.

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