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Friday, 13 August 2010

Islamohell in Norway: a Sign of Things to Come?

[Below: a Swedish example of Islamohell.
This time the infidel was punished
with a Koran-sanctioned rape.]

A sign of things to come in the UK? In twenty years? Ten years? Five?... Today even? This is Norway, where unadulterated political correctness has ruled the roost, with sharp talons, for decades. And the Islamist situation in Norway is mild compared to the Islamohell in Sweden next door. This is what happens after years of Community Cohesion and Embraced Diversity - Islamohell on European soil. Do you really want the same here?

*) Islamohell in Sweden:


  1. Where to begin?
    One cannot but note the happy faces of the crowd as they first recognize familiar faces in the gay film; but they do become agitated as they see their siblings and parents. The better translation of the first crowd outburst would be,
    "Hey - that is my Dad, I never knew he could take it up the arse! We would have had a better relationship, had I known!"

    The fellow in the blue vest begins shouting,
    "I have a taxi, I have a taxi and my rates are good!! No Jews ride in my taxi, it is halel!" Then the lesbian woman in the rainbow knit top shouts, "But Ari, each time that I ride in your taxi, I get body lice and my muslim woman parts are aflame!"
    The balding man on the right begins to speak to the fellow in the blue jacket, saying, "Do not look at those pictures! They will make you so aroused that you will want to copulate with infidels, when you have a perfectly trained goat at home! Control your passions!"
    Then they seem to grow hysterical, and begin yelling abuse at the police. They are chanting "Allah Was Fooked By a Bear! Allah was Fooked by a Bear!" in the local dialect.
    After this, I cannot understand clearly, but it is evident that the crowd should have been evacuated post mortem.
    Perhaps next time.

  2. Ahhh, an evening at the local mental institution. lol

  3. One moment civilized people watching movie next moment...some mentals were let in...damn they spoiled all the fun...i guess door were open during the movie..they didn't like it they could have walk out..but no...they had to shout and make a scene ParaPacem said - Allah Was Fooked By a Bear! Allah was Fooked by a Bear!