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Friday, 6 August 2010

The CCTVs of Brum: Leave Birmingham's Terrorists Alone!

- Article: ‘Tempers flare at meeting over Birmingham spy cameras’, by Anuji Varman, Aug 5 2010, from the Birmingham Mail

TEMPERS flared at a meeting to discuss how trust and confidence in the police has been damaged after it was revealed spy cameras went up in predominantly Muslim populated suburbs in Birmingham without consultation. [Many in the Muslim communities of Birmingham never had ‘confidence in the police’ in the first place. The very fact that the police take any measures to counteract terrorism, or prosecute or investigate potential and actual terrorists, will, by definition, create a degree of bad feeling between Muslims and the police. After all, these Muslim areas have been designated as ‘terror hotspots’ by various authorities, including West Midlands Police and the security services. And what if militant Islam or Islamism by definition alienates Muslims from non-Muslim forces?

This seems to be like the recent case of Pakistan but on the smaller scale. That is, just as the Pakistani government doesn’t like to be accused of sponsoring terrorism, or even advised about terrorism (despite a mountain of evidence that Pakistan is the base of a vast amount of terrorism and its ideological home), so the Muslim residents of various Muslim ghettoes in Birmingham not only don’t like being ‘singled out’ by the authorities, but also don’t like being associated with terrorism at all even though there is much evidence which clearly shows not only terrorist links and activity in these areas, but political support for the political ends of the terrorists. Therefore are the Pakistani government and the ‘community leaders’ of Birmingham telling the authorities to keep quiet about such matters as Islamic terrorism? Are they telling them to otherwise sweep all these problems under the carpet? Councillor Salma Yaqoob certainly calls any action against terrorism, as well as all talk about terrorism, ‘hype’, as though 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, etc. never actually happened and were instead made up by ‘neo-liberals’, ‘Zionists’ or whatever.

In other words, what Salma Yaqoob and Muslim community leaders are asking the police and other authorities to do is, basically … nothing! Or to keep quiet otherwise the Muslim community will become 'alienated' and Community Cohesion will be threatened.]

More than 150 angry resident chanted “take them down” as Bishop Derek Webley, chairman of the West Midlands Police Authority, tried to restore order to the meeting held at the Bordesley Green Centre last night. [Of course Muslims were angry. Let’s face facts. The police are a non-Muslim organisation which has targeted Muslims – some of whom will almost certainly be terrorists or terrorist sympathisers. So almost by definition this will make Muslims’ ‘tempers flare’. The only solution to this is either for the police not to ‘hype up’ the terror threat, as Salma Yaqoob puts it, or to make Sparkhill, etc. self-governing Muslim enclaves or ghettoes, which is what some of the outraged Muslims really want.]

Later in the meeting Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe, who is in charge of the project, revealed the police were in talks with an independent organisation to remove the secret cameras. [Yes, this is the very same Assistant Chief Constable who was publicly humiliated in front of foaming Muslims the other week. These Muslims got precisely what they wanted – a non-Muslim scalp. Sharon Rowe, a couple of weeks later than that, proved her respect and subservience to the Muslim community by turning her force against English Defence League demonstrators and systematically feeding small pockets of them to the Muslim youths who were allowed to maraud through Dudley town centre on July the 17th. I wonder if that was recompense enough for the Muslims who earlier had harangued the Assistant Chief Constable.]

The 218 cameras, 72 of which were covert, went up in the areas of Sparkbrook, Washwood Heath, Sparkhill and Moseley, without consultation of the public and were paid for by anti-terrorist funds. [What would have been the point of ‘public consultation’ about the CCTV cameras if Muslim Community Leaders (whoever they are) and Islamists were bound to have said ‘no’ to them? That would have been to simply go through the motions for the BBC and Birmingham Mail journalists.]

Bishop Webley told the crowd that he wanted to hear how their trust and confidence had been affected following the controversy around the £3 million cameras, codenamed Project Champion. [So how would ‘trust and confidence’ be brought about between the police and the Muslim community? By the police doing nothing about terrorism? By the police bending over backwards yet again? By the creation of the Sparkhill Islamic Republic? God knows how you satisfy the every demand and accommodation which Muslim communities seem to demand.]

But many were angered by the fact that the contraptions had still not been taken down and were simply covered by bags. One irate resident stormed: “Why haven’t these cameras been taken down? Our trust and confidence is not there because they are still there. I have heard young people say that they will take them down themselves if the police don’t. “If you want to regain the trust then get rid of them.” [If that ‘trust and confidence’ has already been there, then there would have been no need for the CCTVs in the first place. It is these Muslim communities which have created Islamic terrorists. These Muslim communities also have many terrorist sympathisers. How amongst all this was there have been previous ‘trust’ between these communities and the police when this is the culture we are dealing with?]

But Bishop Webley said: “This is not a consultation but it is a chance to find out how about how the trust and confidence in the police have been affected. We could have done things differently. I’m not afraid to say that.”

Another member of the public hit back saying: “You don’t deserve our trust or confidence.
“These cameras stigmatise the Muslim community. People don’t want these here.” [Which ‘community’ should the police ‘stigmatise’ instead? The Buddhist or Hindu community? Why would they want to stigmatise Hindus or Buddhists? However, the police has a thousand reasons to 'stigmatise' a large minority of these Muslim communities. No doubt the Islamists and IslamoTrots would be happy if the police stigmatised the EDL instead for doing nothing except believe the wrong things. That would be acceptable stigmatisation according to Yaqoob and the leftists.]

ACC Rowe, said: “We are currently having discussions with an independent body to discuss and oversee the removal of the covert cameras. “They will provide an independent evaluation. These cameras have been switched off and they have never been used. “We are also in negotiations with the contractors who erected the overt cameras. This is not easy as they took months to put up and will take months to take down. We are working very hard to get an official deadline.”


What I don't understand is that the Muslims of Birmingham have argued that CCTVs used to counteract ordinary crime are fine, but wrong when used to counteract terrorism.

That's why there are CCTVs up and down the country without much of a problem - they are used to counteract petty crime. However, when they are used to counteract Islamic terrorism, then there is uproar from Muslims. And yet the reasons for using them for terrorism are better than using them for (sometimes) petty crime.

Th logic of this is perverse.

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  1. time to adopt the tactics of the enemy: there are more of us than them! no surrender!