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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bradford's T & A Doesn't Know What Unite Against Fascism Really Is [by Diogenes]

- Letter to Bradford's Telegraph & Argus, by Diogenes

Your editorial (T&A 13 August) mentions "Unite against Fascism - the anti-EDL campaign which even David Cameron has signed up to". The UAF was founded five years before the EDL. The UAF website used to have a list of supporters, which, apart from Cameron, included Paul Foot (deceased; Socialist Workers' Party), Chris Harman (ditto) and several "MP's" who were no longer MP's. UAF have now updated the list, describing it as "signatories to the ...founding statement". The list still includes Foot and Harman; also Hilary Wainwright, editor of Red Pepper and John Haylett, editor of the Morning Star, as well as representatives of some Muslim organisations which are themselves said to lend support to some very doubtful groups. As everybody except the T&A seems to know, the UAF is, in fact, a "front" organisation for the Trotskyist SWP.

For accuracy's sake, you should not call the UAF "the anti-EDL campaign": it is an anti-fascist campaign, which may or may not rightly have EDL in its sights.

If you bring up David Cameron's name in support of your view, you should also mention the company he is keeping. This casts a very different slant on the nature of the UAF.

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