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Sunday, 1 August 2010

7,000 already signed up for petition against EDL rally [Bradford's Telegraph & Argus]

- 1st August 2010, by Tanya O'Rourke

Campaigners against the proposed English Defence League (EDL) demonstration in Bradford were rallying support on the city’s streets this weekend.

Community groups under the banner Bradford Together have already received signatures from around 7,000 people who want to see the demonstration, planned for August 28, banned by the Home Secretary.

Volunteers were collecting names on a petition in Girlington, Heaton, Buttershaw and Fairweather Green, talking to residents in the street and knocking on doors.

Speaking for Bradford Together, Paul Meszaros, said: “We have been getting really good reactions from people, a lot better than we had thought.

“There is a real worry in the city there is a massive threat to all of us, and I think Bradfordians know that."

Read more onthis story in Monday's Telegraph & Argus.

1 comment:

  1. Paul Meszaros of Bradford together: hmmm.

    Meszaros is a Hungarian name. His parents probably fled Hungary in 1956 after the uprising against the Soviets was summarily put down.

    Having escaped totalitarian tyranny, young Paul is expressing his gratitude to the English for providing his parents with a safe haven, by - enabling islamic totalitarianism to take over our lovely free land!

    Such gratitude!