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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

£18m Dudley mosque plan back on the table [Express & Star]

- from the Express & Star

- 4th August 2010, by Mark Mudie

Dudley Muslim Association got outline permission for a £18m mosque with a 65ft minaret, in a High Court ruling
A controversial £18 million mosque plan was back in the frame for Dudley today – after a scaled down version for an alternative site was ruled out. [All this sounds very suspicious. Indeed it sounds like Islamic taqiyya made flesh. And those non-Muslims who support this new bull shit; they are taqiyya technicians by proxy.]

A plan to expand the existing Castle Hill mosque site hit a snag. It means a development which Dudley Muslim Association (DMA) has permission for in Hall Street is the only option on the table. [What ‘snag’ is that exactly? Why is the previous Hall Street option ‘the only option on the table’? There are never only two options to things as complicated and controversial as this. Come on. Only two options!? Pull the other one. For a start there is one more option I can think of –not building another mosque. Full stop.]
Dudley Council deputy leader Councillor Les Jones said talks were ongoing to try and find another option. DMA chairman Khurshid Ahmed pledged to wait until the council “exhausted all options” before going ahead with Hall Street – but warned they would have no choice but to build there if no viable site could be found. [This makes it seem like the DMA chairman, Khurshid Ahmed, is just going through the motions. You can’t help but think that this is what he, and the Dudley Muslim Association, planned to happen from the very beginning. And that’s precisely what many EDL also thought. It’s now coming true. Taqiyya! Yes, Ahmed does sound as if he is ‘waiting’ until the council has ‘exhausted all options’. But not in the sense of seeing if any of them are feasible. No way. In the sense that he knows he will reject them all; but will nevertheless have to pay lip service to them, in the taqiyya manner we have grown to expect from this Muslim man.
To say that they ‘would have no choice but to build’ at Hall Street really is taking the piss. There are rarerly such situations when there is only one choice left. In any case, it is not a question of where the mosque is, to most people in Dudley, but its size and that fact that a large Muslim ghetto will be attached to it. That’s what really matters.]

Councillor Jones said building a new mosque in Castle Hill and turning the existing building into a community centre was not possible because the council was blocked from acquiring land needed for the project. [Why is the council ‘blocked from acquiring land’ at Castle Hill? Why can’t the council bid be unblocked?] “Because of technical issues it is unlikely the development of the existing mosque site in Castle Hill will go ahead,” he said. [What ‘technical issues’ are they? Are we being fobbed off here? Are we being blinded with science or with Council techno-speak? It looks that way to me. We we will not be hoodwinked with the mere mention of ‘technical issues.]
“Discussions are ongoing about alternative sites.
“The Castle Hill site would involve acquisition of buildings and the only way that could be done to get everything to a position where planning permission could go ahead would involve compulsory purchase order powers. [More bullshit. Did anyone understand that exhalation?]
“We cannot exercise those powers when there is pre-existing planning permission already in place for exactly what they are proposing elsewhere.” [What?! In English please! This is either very bad English or deliberate obfuscation. Taqiyya perhaps?]
Khurshid Ahmed said: “If there is an acceptable alternative we will consider it. We are not pursuing the current option until they have exhausted all their options.
“If they are not able to facilitate an alternative we have no option but to build at Hall Street.” [Again, this is Ahmed making it seem like he’s being diplomatic and commonsensical. By using the phrase ‘we have no other option’, this makes it seem that he has genuinely pursued all options. But all along he seems to have planned the rejection of all other options only to arrive back where he and others started from. If there is ‘an acceptable alternative’ he will ‘consider it’. But what if he thinks that all the other options are unacceptable simply because they don’t involve a massive supremacist mosque and an appended Muslim ‘village’ or ghetto?]

The new mosque capacity would be 750 – up from 47.
DMA got outline permission for a £18m mosque with a 65ft minaret, in a High Court ruling. It has until July to submit detailed plans to the council.
The council rejected initial plans but they were granted on appeal.

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