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Friday, 2 July 2010

UK: First Anniversary of the Formation of the EDL [EuropeNews/Liberties Alliance]

It has been a year since the foundation of the EDL and so much has been achieved is so short a time

The counter jihad now has a solid presence in England that cannot be ignored. It seems highly likely that the years to come will be even more fruitful for the EDL as it builds on its achievements. The following article is from the EDL website:

The English Defence League is one year old today – and how far it has come in such a short space of time. One year ago the Anglian regiment had recently suffered their disgraceful and unacceptable treatment at the hands of ‘British’ Islamists. That was the spark and the powers that be have so far not taken heed of the danger posed by Islamism in Britain, they still pander, they still appease, and they still prostrate themselves at the feet of sharia.

Even the new government has not shown any signs that it is willing to tackle the problem of Islamism and sharia head on since it took over from the Britain hating socialists.

The EDL ‘roadshow’ has visited many towns and cities in the United Kingdom spreading its warning about the rise of sharia law, and encouraging people to join with those who are resisting sharia across the world.

The organisation has been learning on the job and has become a constantly improving and adaptive organisation. From its beginnings in Luton it has travelled to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Stoke, London, Bolton, Dudley, Aylesbury, and Newcastle. It has also supported the activities of sister organisations in Scotland and Wales and travelled to their demonstrations.

The EDL’s entry into many of these towns and cities has been triumphant, with people lining the streets and coming out onto their doorsteps to cheer the EDL coaches as they go by and to show their support for the cause. The EDL has given such people a voice, a voice that had been previously denied them by the pro-sharia political establishment.

A memorable image from the EDL’s first year is‘The Arrival’ in Bolton’ where the pro-Freedom legions of the EDL arrived suddenly and dramatically and with apparent military timing and precision.

In the course of these travels, good working relationships have been established between the EDL and the police to ensure that events pass of as smoothly as possible and to ensure that the demonstrations are enjoyable and safe.

A great EDL innovations that was developed after the London demo was the excellent stewarding system which effectively allows the EDL to police its own supporters at demos. This is not only good in terms of maintaining order, it is a demonstration of the organisational abilities of the organisation and its leadership.

The EDL has embarked on a number of political campaigns, one of these was its opposition to halal meat as fast food establishments have introduced halal only menus. KFC has recently announced that it has abandoned its policy of halal only menus. Perhaps they should take more notice of the counter jihad in future before pandering to sharia norms.

Another campaign was the EDL’s opposition to the Dudley Mega Mosque which had been given the go-ahead despite local opposition. The EDL had a special demo to show its support to the people of Dudley, but the most striking event was the rooftop protest and subsequent incarceration of the ‘Dudley Two’, Snowy and Leon.

This protest gave the people of Dudley an idea of what it would be like if the mosque was built as the Islamic call to prayer was played across the town. A follow up protest against the arrest of the Dudley Two was a rapidly organised demonstration supporting them in Wolverhampton where they were being held. This response demonstrated how quickly and efficiently the EDL can mobilise locally in a short space of time.

As mentioned earlier, the EDL started its existence as a grassroots champion of the British army following the outrageous treatment of the Anglian Regiment on the streets of Luton by Islamist fanatics. It has remained true to these roots and continues to support and honour the British armed forces. This is perhaps one reason why so many ex-military personnel support the EDL. EDL supporters have given generously to military charities and supported the work of our brave lads and lasses out there in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was therefore with great sadness that the EDL witnessed a return to the Islamist tactic of abusing our armed forces on the streets of Barking on 15 June. This prompted the EDL to attempt to prevent a repeat of this shameful behaviour at other homecoming parades. In the last few days the EDL was present at Skipton, Bradford, and other parades of returning heroes.

In these efforts the EDL has been highly successful and soldiers have received the hero’s welcome that they deserve. The EDL had also been successful in preventing an Islamist march through Wootton Bassett the small English town that became known for the passage of the coffins of British soldiers who had been tragically killed while serving their country overseas. The EDL perhaps played an vital role in putting enough pressure on the British Government to get the Islamist group Islam4UK, that was behind much of the abuse against our military, banned.

The EDL has attracted a great deal of media coverage, though much of this could be regarded as deliberately hostile and biased against us. Nevertheless, the coverage has raised the EDL’s profile and brought many people into our ranks, people who have the intelligence to see through the deliberate demonization of our group. EDL Leader Tommy Robinson was Interviewed on Radio 5 live on 4 January, and BBC3 screened a documentary about the English Defence League entitled ‘Young, British And Angry’ on 19 May.

As a way to support the geographically organised EDL divisions, more specialised divisions have also been developed. These are not alternatives to the area based divisions and people participate at both area and specialist levels.

These specialist divisions are effectively societies within the EDL that help us raise the profile of particular groups within the organisation. Most notable amongst these divisions are the Sikh Division that was the first of our specialised divisions, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender (LGBT) Division, the Disabled Division and the Jewish Division. An article was written by a member of the LGBT Division can be found over at Gates of Vienna.

The Jewish Division led our recent efforts to oppose the 1500 strong Islamist conference at the Hilton Metropol on 20 June.

The English Defence League has effectively created a vibrant and diverse culture of its own, it has its own songs, its own chants, its own sense of belonging, its own banners, its own way of dressing, its own social events, and increasingly its own traditions.

It has also made its mark in the area of music. Alex and the Bandits have produced some excellent material, and live music made its first appearance at the EDL demo in Newcastle on 29 May.

Of course, the EDL has not just having an impact in Britain. Many parts of the international counter jihad have been watching the EDL with interest and admiration. The EDL has been busy developing its international connections especially in Europe and North America, though it is also branching out into other parts of the world – after all it is not just Western culture that is threatened by sharia law.

Several international divisions have emerged in and these groups form the basis of the international defence league movement. EDL activities are regularly translated into other languages and our exploits are therefore able to reach a much broader audience (e.g.EDL: Nein zum Rassismus! Nein zur Scharia!).

Our international outreach has been assisted by the development of a live streaming capability that was first used for the Stoke demonstration on 23 January. This innovation has allowed people across the world to engage with our activities and give us support by writing articles that support our activities and aims.

We organised a demonstration to support the visit of Geert Wilders to show his short film Fitna in the House of Lords on 5 March.

Geert has been a leading light in the anti-sharia resistance internationally and the EDL endorse his efforts to educate the people of the Netherlands and the wider world about the dangers of appeasing Islamists and pandering to sharia norms. Also on the Wilders theme we were represented at the ‘Solidarity With Geert Wilders Demonstration’ in Berlin on 17 April. We linked up with many German friends and established good working relations with German counter jihad groups. The connections that we made that weekend have been invaluable.

The valuable work started in Berlin was built upon in Zurich at the 2010 International Counter Jihad Conference organised by theInternational Civil Liberties Alliance. EDL delegates took their place with other counter jihad organisations and individuals from Europe and North America. We worked together to develop joint plans and collective action, and to commit to working together for the common good. An international demonstration is a possibility for the near future.

The EDL has had a magnificent first year, the second year is starting and the EDL will be stronger and more influential than ever before. It is time for the Government to learn the art of listening, it is time for those in power resist the march of sharia, but if it does not then the British people can rest assured, the EDL will always be here.

Happy birthday EDL!

No Surrender!

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