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Thursday, 22 July 2010

There Must be a Report on the EDL Dudley Demo [by Boudicca]

- by Boudicca
The danger is that the authorities need to tread extremely carefully.

Banning the EDL would be extremely counter-productive. It would send some members down the wrong road, akin to that which the IRA / UDA took in Northern Ireland. Is England ready for this type of war ? Do the politicians want this type of war ? Because it will come to it if they don't use an ounce of common sense for a change.

Several things need to happen:

1 - a full investigation of the actions of the West Midlands Police, prior and during the day / event

2 - a full review of the EDL and how it performed on the day

3 - a need to continue to root out the bad eggs from the EDL as we have done

4 - to continue to put pressure on politicians re sharia and equality / Islam. The EDL shouldn't take Dudely as a negative, it's a positive, because the EDL can learn from its own mistakes.

I am utterly convinced the WMP planned this so that what happened, happened. They want to ban the EDL and to be frank some idiots played right in their hands. HOWEVER ... the issue of Muslims being allowed to freely roam and attack without reaction from the WMP needs to be fully investigated.

A reminder to everyone: we don't want racist in our ranks; we don't want those that are just coming along for a fight. What we demand is the right to peaceful protest. This is our democratic right. And we also demand the necessary protection; not aggressive policing from the police at these demonstrations.

Do we want the 'troubles' of Northern ireland in England? No we don't.

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