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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Residents unite against extremists [Uxbridge Gazette]

- from the Uxbridge Gazette, Jul 28 2010, by Jack Griffith

ANTI-RACISM campaigners have staged a music concert in Ruislip, responding to concerns that the area is a target for fascist groups.

Sunday's gig, at Sweeney's in High Street, aimed to raise awareness and funds for efforts to prevent the spread of Islamaphobia and racism in west London.

A right-wing political group, the English Defence League (EDL), was blamed by police last month for the trouble outside The Bell public house on St George's Day.

Local anti-racism campaigners reacted by organising a concert in Ruislip under the Love Music, Hate Racism banner. Six bands, including Ruislip act Gilboa, performed and the funds raised will be donated to the charity.

Co-organiser Tala Birch, from Harefield, told the Gazette: "I heard about another incident in the area and then I read about what happened on St George's Day. It made me feel that we had to do something."

Mrs Birch said she was concerned that parts of west London were becoming targets for fascists, citing the demonstration by an anti-Islamic group outside Harrow Central Mosque last year.

"With the financial situation at the moment and what's happening, I think a lot of people blame the situation on other races and many are misguided.

"Groups like the EDL and the British National Party (BNP) take advantage of this to stir up hatred. We are here to try to counter that.

"It was great to see so many local people come together in support of Love Music, Hate Racism and show the EDL that their presence isn't welcome in Ruislip."

Last Wednesday, Martin Harris admitted a public order offence during the trouble in West End Road on April 23.

Sunday's Love Music, Hate Racism gig was attended by about 50 local residents. Mrs Birch's husband, Thomas, was one of the acts performing.

"The bands were really energetic, everyone enjoyed it and there was no trouble," she said.

Mrs Birch is encouraging local residents to join sister campaign Unite Against Fascism, which has a local west London branch that can be contacted by emailing

The group will provide transport from west London to an anti-EDL protest in Bradford on August 25.

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