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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nazism is Not Nazis. Islam is Not Muslims [by Casey]

- by Casey

You know, there are people who... cannot see past their own justified delusions of tolerance for 'anything that is not white, straight, or male related'.

Keeping in mind that they compared Muslim honour killings to paedophilia among 'white people'. You can not compare murder which is encouraged by literature to something that isn't actively encouraged by any tolerated medium. They also mention other comparisons with similar flaws...

The thing is, they can't picture a religion/lifestyle/belief system as being bad, they just see 'extremists', then put that along-side 'they're a few bad apples in a large batch' and apply that to everything and anything they see. This makes you blind to the possibility that the group may actually be bad and teach bad things. Because anything that is bad, will be painted accordingly. (The Qu'ran violates human rights; the perspective of 'bad' in this case.)

Ask them the question of how they would react to Nazis. Then put across that maybe there are some Nazis that do not practice racism and are not violent, but still hold the Nazi banner and tell people that they're Nazis and maybe even expand the teachings. Does that make it okay?

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