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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

More on the EDL being set up by the West Mids Police [Atlas Shrugs]


UPDATE: This is what the media said did not happen, and this is the same group that attacked the EDL on the dual carriage way. They had the free run of it all day, and as you can see, the police did nothing to stop them. Strange that it was an Asian senior police officer who was in charge, even though his file states that he is unable to organize such events!! Internal facts from an ex-senior police officer. (hat tip Michael Johnson)

MDL (Muslim Defense League) vs English Defense League. The Muslim youths are charging towards the EDL.


The horror of what the EDL encountered yesterday was no accident.

Here is another account from an attendee (or attempted attendee) at the EDL protest in Dudley yesterday. It bodes most ill if the police are working in tandem with the Islamic supremacists. This was not just sabotaging the demo, but deliberately putting good folks in harm's way. This is the the stuff of a police state, an Islamic police state.

I removed the profanity................. (hat tip Roberta):

We were on the Bolton coach and we got caught up with the locals we had some on our coach. I was sat next to cutter and some of the ones on our coach were wankers, we kicked them off after half a mile and they gathered up with their own local groups. The police provided three coaches for the locals and took them straight to the demo. They came back for the rest and filled them again with all locals who they took to the demo. About two hundred went on foot and marched in.
The real EDL had about three coaches and three mini buses that had been separated from the rest of the EDL coaches and we were run around Dudley at about 10 mile an hour and taken everywhere but the demo. I got off the coach and told the senior officer the truth. I said .......if you think we are going to be [jerked] around like this you have no chance. He told us they would take us straight to the demo now. He did take us to the demo but the wanker took us to the wrong one he took us to the UAF [the fascist group of Muslims and leftists-Atlas] demo site.

Three coaches emptied in a flash as they tried to turn the coaches around. We got back to the roundabout and they tried to take us back to the Harrier pub saying it was a quick way round. Our driver pulled over and let us all off as he said the police are just running you around. We went back to the roundabout and I approached the inspector there and informed him we have women and children in our group and we have picked up a lot more EDL families who had been left roaming the streets by the police.

The police sent us up the dual carriageway saying it was that way we had to go even though he was aware of the muslims ganged up at the top. We got less than 150 yards away from over 50 old bill in riot gear as well as traffic cops when we were attacked by over 200 muslims. The old bill watched it happen and did nothing.

The bastards left us to fight off 200 Muslims with less than ten lads. We were fighting head to head on the grass banking six of us from Bolton against 200 Muslims and we could not back off or they would have bricked the women and children. They left us like this for over half an hour and did nothing. They eventually sent two riot police on to the grass bank to stop it. It was only the arrival of 40 EDL who charged the Muslims that made them back off. And the old bill still did nothing.

The Muslims were still there at 6:00 when the old bill told us we had to go back down the same damn road to get to our coach as they were not letting the coaches in to pick us up. We mobbed up to go down the road and the old bill did nothing. I spoke to a senior officer and told him we had to go down the road to get the coach and it was full of Muslims smashing cars and attacking people and he said its not our problem you should not have come. WEST MIDLAND WANKERS I HOPE HE FINDS OUT ONE OF HIS KIDS HAD GONE TO THE DEMONSTRATION. SORRY TURKEY SHOOT. This is not policing, this is nothing more than political destruction of the EDL.. They must have been told to take this stance against us by upper level government because the police have to respond to violence not stand by and watch it happening." - Michael

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