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Monday, 12 July 2010

A Leadership Update [EDL]

- by the EDL, 12.7.2010

We have been made aware that a number of members are questioning why the leadership have been so quiet and what are the EDL’s plans for the future and moving forward so this is a short update to keep you guys in the picture with our progress.

Firstly Tommy Robinson is still our leader he has not gone into hiding and has not left us. Just because you don’t see Tommy posting on facebook all the time does not mean he is not busy, he is on facebook under a different name due to his account being closed down previously. Tommy has also been working tirelessly in the background on things to move the EDL to the next step, he has been meeting with counter jihad movements from across the globe to discuss the best approach and strategy to take. He has also been working on a strategy for how to take the EDL to the next stage. So while you think he has been quiet he has actually been working flat out to ensure the EDL grows from strength to strength.

We will be looking to issue a further statement in the next week which will give you all details of what are future plans and strategy are we are just in the process of finalising these details at present.

The rest of the leadership along with the teams that work with them have also been working on a number of things and are still all fully behind the EDL.

As you will have noticed our membership and organisation has grown rapidly over the last 6 months and after some consideration we feel it is time to make some changes. We have listened closely to a number of complaints, issues, comments and suggestions that have been made to me at meetings, at demo’s and during telephone conversations.

We have decided that to enable the EDL to move forward to the next step and continue to grow successfully we need to implement a better and more firm structure from the top down. This will allow for members on the ground to have their grievances heard at a high level and will also allow for better communications.

There are now an unknown number of divisions across the country and more being started by the day, this is great but what good are they if we do not know who they are or we cannot involve them correctly.

Moving forward we are proposing that divisions and areas continue to operate in their own way and carry out meetings as they wish. What we are proposing however is to have an Regional organiser (RO) in each region that is in direct contact with the division administrators. These RO’s will report direct to Jack Smith and will meet on a monthly basis to pass on any suggestions or issues that may have been presented to them from the ground level.

Each RO will also have at least 2 deputies or more in larger areas to assist them with the work they will be carrying out.

The Regions will be broken down into the following areas with the following Regional Organisers North East – Paul Duffy, North West - Pablo, Yorkshire and Humberside - Snowy, East Midlands – Tony Curtis, West Midlands – Steve Eddowes, East Anglia – Anthony Bamford, South West – Mark Stevenson, South East – Darren Gibbo and London Diamond Geezer. Joel will continue to head up the EDL youth. The regional organisers have been picked from loyal trusted members and will announce their deputies at a local level. If you have any questions or issues with this then please refer them to Jack Smith. This new structure will come into effect immediately and will ensure that the leadership have the assistance they need.

And finally one of the other grievances people are showing is lack of communications therefore we hope that this to be the first of regular updates letting our members know what we are up to. You will also now have the chance to have your voices heard through your regional organiser.

Stand firm be counted and never surrender, the English Defence League is ready to move on to the next step in our counter Jihad fight.

No Surrender

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