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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Birmingham 'public debate' about 'spy cameras'

Just back from the anti-CCTV pro Islamist terrorist ‘rally’. I got home early because the police took me back in a police van.

A debate? What a joke! I listened to seven speakers in a row, and everyone was against CCTVs being used in Muslim areas. Adrian Goldberg, the spineless liar, emphasised the debate-aspect of it before it started. What a hypocrite.

Rev Ray Gaston spotted me and tapped me on the shoulder. He said: ‘Never again!’ That was either a threat aimed at me or aimed at the EDL. His own speech was all about banning the EDL. How surreal! They were all talking about ‘civil liberties’ and this hypocrite comes along and rants about banning the EDL. I hate this man.

He must have informed the Muslim thugs who I was. By Salma Yaqoob, I’d had enough. I left. Only to be followed by a bunch of Islamist thugs. I knew they were going to do me. So we started arguing. Luckily the cops were there and I had to get into a police van. They took me home for my own safety.

Think of it. A Methodist vicar gives an ultra-political speech about the EDL and ‘Islamophobia’ and then informs a bunch of Muslim thugs about my presence. Thus they followed me out.

If the police had not been there I would have been beaten to a pulp.

I am reporting the Rev Ray Gaston to the police tomorrow. First for threatening me. And then for setting his Muslim thugs on me. I reported it to the police who took me home but they said, ‘Sleep on it.’

I will do a proper report tomorrow – when I’ve calmed down.

*) I've just had a visit from the Police. They are not going to do anything about Rev Ray Gaston or the threats of violence from Muslim thugs.

They came unannounced. So there was EDL stuff on the floor. They seemed more interested in that than in what I had to say. They asked me if I 'was going to Dudley on the 17th'!

I knew they'd do nothing. I had 'no proof'. No 'evidence'. When I said that Sparkbrook police saw what happened they said 'you won't be able to find out who they are'. They also said that I 'should have insisted on filing my accusations there and then'. But Sparkbrook police told me 'to sleep on it'.

Catch 22. A solid brick wall. What else?

*) Two interesting things were said at the anti-CCTV rally in Brum yesterday. Lord Nazir Ahmed threatened 'civil unrest' if all of them weren't removed. Another EDL has informed me that Nazi Nazir has threatened the British people with Muslim 'civil unrest' before about another Muslim-related issue! Sounds like India and Pakistan, doesn't it. Oh, I forgot. That's where his and Yaqoob's families are from! Bring the jihad to Britain, eh?

Salma Yaqoob threatened the same plus some law-breaking. She said:

"If the police do not remove them, will you join me this summer to take every single one down."


  1. Jeez! What a shemozzle!! "Is that a mosque on your face or are you just pleased to see me?"

  2. In light of the situation whereas Birmingham being on high alert because of Islamic extremism, Maybe Salma Yaqoob knows something after all former boss George Galloway sucking up to Hamas, Who knows what she is hiding