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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Homage to Dhimmitude: Bradford's Telegraph & Argus

Recently, Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus started campaigning for a ban on the EDL demo in Bradford at the end of August.

The T & A's attitude towards the pure evil that is the EDL is as black and white and blinkered as anything could be. Its attitude towards the pure goodness of Islam and Muslims is as black and white and blinkered as anything could be. Nothing the EDL has to say can be good or even relevant. Everything the Muslim Council of Mosques, for instance, has to say can't be bad or irrelevant. Thus the T & A has offered its many readers a pure propaganda campaign which looks just like an Islamic/Muslim propaganda campaign – and it doesn’t even seem to know it. It does not see Islam/Muslim evil. It does not hear Islamic/Muslim evil. And it certainly does not write about - or report upon - Muslim/Islamic evil.

The T & A’s editor and his staff are short-termists. They only look at the here and now. And if they open enough curry houses, receive enough cheques from Muslim businesses, etc., then the reality of Muslim demographics and militant Islam is a complete irrelevance to these very shallow people. As long as their immediate careers are secure - that's all that matters. As long as there is no ‘trouble’ today, who cares if there will be hell in the future? After all, being truthful about Islam, etc. would be counter-productive to many T & A careers. Thus they see no Muslim/Islamic evil. Hear no Muslim/Islamic evil. And report on no Muslim/Islamic evil.

Nothing matters but the next few months. Sometimes they may even look towards next year. But the reality of Muslim demographics, even if it’s not as bad as certain people make it out to be, is a complete irrelevance to the here and now or the coming few months. Thus when ‘Islamophobes’ or 'racists' or 'Nazis' mention the rise of Islam and the Islamisation of Europe, their eyes literally glaze over. All they can think is that ‘Joe Ahmed at the newsagents is a nice bloke’. Or about the Muslim business which chipped in a few quid for this or that good cause. And look at the Muslim characters on EastEnders – ‘they’re alright, aren’t they?’

So tiny minds like this are not going to want to imagine what this country may be like in ten, twenty or fifty years’ time. Why bother? As long as there is not full sharia law now, no Islamic state now, what’s there to get hot under the collar about? Today most Muslims seem pretty moderate. So in ten, twenty or fifty years’ time, most UK Muslims will be pretty moderate too, won’t they? After all, history moves and changes very slowly. (Or is it that some minds move very slowly?)

The T & A is committing a sort of suicide on behalf of its non-Muslim readers. This should be no surprise to anyone who knows how deep and widespread real Dhimmitude is. Nothing is beyond the suicidal tendencies of the kuffar. (Look at Anglican and Methodist InterFaithing ministers!) Hell, many of these people even think that Hamas is made up of hippies and pacifists. No cerebral outrage is beyond these blind Dhimmis. If the Muslims tell them to jump in the air, they will ask: ‘How high?’ If Muslims want yet more accommodations, they will ask: ‘How many more?’

Such people simply have no historical awareness. If everything is dandy today (which it isn’t), then why rock the boat at all? Let’s just carry on. After all, things aren’t that bad.

- by We-are-the-British

Bradford’s Council for Mosques has backed the Telegraph & Argus's campaign supporting calls for a ban on a proposed English Defence League rally in the city.

The EDL has planned to flood the streets with thousands of supporters during August Bank Holiday weekend.
Bradford has been flooded with Muslim thugs who make life difficult for the real residents of Bradford.

Today, Muslim leaders in Bradford called on all of the city’s diverse communities to stop any groups “disrupting the peace”.
But isn't peace in Bradford disrupted at a daily basis?

A spokesman for the Council for Mosques said in a statement: “All communities in Bradford must unite to say that EDL or other organisations of its type are not wanted in Bradford.”
The Council for Mosques only want to unite with other communities when the Muslims need it.

He said that the Council for Mosques was united in its determination to keep such elements out of neighbourhoods and the city.

“EDL is committed to disrupting the peace and harmony of our neighbourhoods, towns and cities,” he added. “They do this through propaganda, which encourages and incites racial and religious hatred, and by setting communities against each other. We must not allow ourselves to be drawn into their web of hatred.”

Wrong, what about the countless Islamists who use propaganda and encourage and incite racial and religious hatred? And the many Muslims in Bradford support these Islamists

The Council for Mosques is working with Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police and Bradford District Faith Forum, as well as voluntary groups, to make people aware of EDL tactics.
You mean the Council for Mosques are using them as pawns.

A campaign against the rally has been started by groups under the Bradford Together Banner and is backed by politicians in the city, business and faith leaders, academics and members of the public.
What about the real people of Bradford? I'm sure they are against you're little campaign. The people of Bradford told you in your other article what they really think of your reporting; but you ignore these people.

Khadim Hussain, president of the Council for Mosques, said: “Some people may think that EDL is only targeting Muslims and that therefore they should not get involved.

“The EDL is against everyone who does not fit into their misguided and false definition of what constitutes Britishness.

“This time its Muslim; next time it will be someone else. Therefore, let us work together – Muslim, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, humanists – to say to EDL: ‘We are not interested in your type of politics’.”

But they support us, except maybe most Muslims in Bradford - but if they aren't radical then what have they got to fear?

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  1. How dare the lying scum k hussain even MENTION Christians, Jews or Hindus; in the koran muslimes are ordered to kill them!

    I have researched the owners of this newspaper: its a US company with board members who are in bed with the jihadi in the White House, some with links to Iran!