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Monday, 19 July 2010

EDL Under Attack in Dudley? [Musings of Durotrigan]

- Saturday, 17 July 2010, from MUSINGS OF DUROTRIGAN

According to a recent Tweet from the EDL Facebook page and other reports republished at the Gates of Vienna blog, things appear to have turned very nasty in Dudley today. The picture is fragmentary but the EDL claim to have come under attack from the police as well as Muslim gangs:

EDL Media EDL being subjected to assualts by the police, Injuries have been caused and there is rioting in Dudley...gangs of Muslims attacking people...MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING ANY OF THESE EVENTS... A flavour of the reports at the Gates of Vienna can be gleaned from the following:

Source 1 again: Eight coaches didn’t get through — riots taking off. Demonstrators are throwing iron fences at the police. [Source is] safe on the coach watching events — riot police. People are walking past covered in blood. I wouldn’t be surprised if our first casualty comes from today. Police split the EDL into groups all over the town, and Muslims hunting in packs. The most recent reports hint that the violence is even worse than initially anticipated. EDL media report:

"We have eye witness accounts coming in of Muslims using cars to drive down English protesters in Dudley. One report of incident where 4 people that were driven into left them seriously injured and one woman dead. We are waiting for confirmation of this incident and an air ambulance has landed to assist the injured."


EDL coach driver has been attacked with a machette.. will keep updating .. also can everyone post as much infomation as you get it. As expected, today's demo in Dudley saw the first outing for the Muslim Defence League (MDL) and perhaps something of the nature of the police operation can be gleaned from this comment by an MDL member left on their Facebook page:

"Shakira Isit: Everyone thank west midlands police for way they handled the dudley protest. The MDL is also claiming that a Hindu temple has come under attack. Hopefully, this is just a rumour. Unsurprisingly perhaps, I have not been able to locate any report of today's events in Dudley on the BBC website. Further news and hopefully footage will be posted as it becomes available."

What is clear is that if the process of Islamisation is not halted and thrown into reverse in the years ahead we will see an escalation of what is currently emerging as a low-level civil conflict. Our politicians need to wake up and act now, rather than continue to stumble towards disaster steadfastly refusing to remove their multiculturalist politically correct blinkers. If they do not, then something akin to the scenario depicted in the video below could be our unwished for fate within the next twenty years or so:

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