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Monday, 26 July 2010

EDL Plan For a Freeedom Demo in Amsterdam [International Civil Liberties Alliance]

- By Aeneas • on July 25, 2010, from International Civil Liberties Alliance

The English Defence League is planning to demonstrate in Amsterdam on 30 October in support of Geert Wilders. This news was contained in a statement by Tommy Robinson and published at the EDL website. The intention is to assist Mr Wilders and to move the international defence league movement forward.

Mr Wilders will be in court from 5 October with the verdict expected on 2 November. The bullying of Geert Wilders and the show trial that he has been forced to endure is a moral outrage and a clear indication that some members of the Dutch establishment are keen to gradually impose sharia norms on the Dutch people. The persecution of Geert Wilders and other members of the Counterjihad Movement must stop.

Freedom of speech is our most sacred tradition and far more important than protecting Islam from criticism and offense. It is the job of Islam, when practiced in the West, to adapt to Western cultural norms and not the other way around. There has been far too much pandering to Islam since 9/11 and too many parts of our Western culture and its traditions have been sacrificed by our so-called political leaders.

The European people will never bow to Islam and it is time that the European ‘elite’ start to realise this and stop their treasonous efforts to impose sharia on Europe.

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