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Monday, 12 July 2010

EDL is urged to scrap plans for a 'costly' demo in Dudley on July 17 [Birmingham Mail]

Note. There is nothing to stop the Dudley Muslim Association [MDA] from going ahead with its plans to build a mosque the day after either the demo is cancelled by the EDL or a day after the 17th of July (the demo date). Alternatively, the plans for a mega-mosque may be applied to the old site at Castle Hill instead. Thus we would still have a mega-mosque, but in a different place.
There was nothing special about the Hall Street location, so a mega-mosque at Castle Hill instead is equally problematic to the non-Muslims of Dudley (many of whom are members and supporters of the EDL - not 'outsiders') and the EDL.

I love to hear the left going on about ‘tax payers’ money’ in relation to the Dudley demo. They sound like Thatcherites all of a sudden. Hypocrites!

If the issues about Islamic supremacism and militant Islam are really as important as the EDL says they are, then who cares about individuals losing a day’s wages on the 17th. Would they have said: We can’t go to war with Hitler. I’ll lose five years’ wages.

In any case, the EDL has no other outlet to tell people what is going on in our country. Councillors and politicians aren’t interested. They are more interested in Embracing Diversity or Embracing Islam as it should be called. They are more interested in Community Cohesion or ‘giving in to Islamist demands’. As for regional newspapers, they simply daren’t rock the boat. They’re too cowardly for that! Instead they blindly follow the politically-correct status quo.

*) Dudley Metropolitan Burough Council states that 'proposals for a new mosque on Hall Street are not currently being pursued'. '... not currently being pursued'? Not until the EDL cancells the protest or the day after the proposed demo? Is that what DMBC and DMA really mean by this?
- Jul 12 2010, by Steve Bradley, Birmingham Mail
A CONTROVERSIAL anti-Muslim group has refused to scrap plans for another demonstration in Dudley that could cost the borough £150,000.

Traders in the town centre could also be hit hard by the rally staged by the English Defence League on July 17.

Council leaders have branded the demo ‘pointless’ as plans by Dudley Muslim Association for a new mosque in Hall Street had now been jettisoned.

The Association is now seeking to extend its building in Castle Hill following discussions with council officers.

Coun Anne Millward, Conservative group leader and leader of the council, said: “The EDL’s unnecessary visits, which often result in major disruption, violence and public disorder, cost the taxpayer and local communities thousands of pounds. When they visited in April it also caused a significant loss of trade to local businesses. We are opposed to this proposed event and call on the organisers to cancel this pointless waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Labour group leader Coun David Sparks said: “This demonstration should be banned. The fact that Dudley has not got the power to stop it going ahead reinforces my view that the law should be changed so the Government can step in and stop this madness.”

Council bosses promised to work closely with the police to reassure and support local communities and businesses before and after the protest, which police have decided will take place on Stafford Street car park.

EDL spokesman Steve Simmons said: “The council says the new mosque has been sidelined but until there’s a definite written result, we’ll just carry on.”

Charles Hanmer, chairman of traders’ group Dudley Town Centre Partnership, said some shops could close during the demonstration. “We don’t want the EDF and we haven’t invited them to Dudley,” he said.

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