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Friday, 16 July 2010

Dudley: Why the EDL Will be There

[Left: the Islamo-building
in Handsworth, Birmingham.]

Why will the EDL be in Dudley tomorrow? It won’t be there to fight. To ‘divide communities’ or to ‘spread racial hatred’. It will be there to unite communities and tell them about our common threats –militant Islam, sharia law and Islamic supremacism. It is these things which will cause conflict in our society, not the EDL, which simply wants to highlight these problems before they reach the state they have reached in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Palestine, southern Thailand and all the places where the religion of Islam is not properly separated from civic and political society.

As for racism. In many respects, Islam is a racist religion, or has become a racist religion. Muslim see themselves as the ‘chosen race’ quite simply because they see Islam as God’s final word. Thus Muslims see all other religions as deviations or perversions of that final word. Not only that. Those who aren’t chosen, be they Christians, Jews, Sikhs, etc., are looked down upon by millions upon millions of Muslims as the ‘infidel’. And at times this hatred of diversity within Islam has lead, quite logically, to killing and violence. In fact it has done so numerous times and still does so today – still does so every single day. From the no-goes areas of Paris to the mass departures of Jews from Swedish cities - where there is militant Islam there is violence and conflict. Indeed jihad is written into the very fabric of Islam.

As for a more unequivocal racism. Think of how the Arab nature and traditions of Islam are stressed. The Koran ‘can only be properly understood in Arabic’. Indeed Allah Himself seems to have spoken only Arabic. Every Muslim on the planet, from Dudley to Karachi, has to adopt at least one Arabic name. This Arabo-centrism goes even further than that. Even the dress sense and cultural mores of Muslims are based on Arab traditions.

And then there is the apartheid nature of the Muslim communities which self-segregate themselves from all other communities. That is not ‘embracing diversity’ or ‘community cohesion’. It is self-ghettoisation, Islamic supremacism and separatism. It is Islamic apartheid. So much so that a woman writing in the Dudley News the other day said that when she says ‘hello’ to Muslim women in the burka, such women systematically ignore her, lest they are polluted by the friendliness of the kafur.

Now all this is real apartheid. All this is racism if anything is. Of course, strictly speaking, it is not racism in the pseudo-scientific and strict sense of the word. It is culturalism or religious supremacism. But neither is the EDL’s anti-Islamism racism. So criticisms or insults which are good for the EDL must also be good for Muslims.

So the EDL will not be in Dudley to persecute all Muslims or ‘spread division’. It will be there to do the job which the Government and much of the press should be doing. The EDL will be telling the truth about the nature of political Islam. It will be telling the truth about the nature of Islam in our country today. It will be telling the truth about Muslim self-ghettoisation, the Islamist nature of the Muslim Council of Britain, the duplicitous nature of many Muslim organisations, the deliberate building of mega-mosques as acts of Islamic supremacism and arrogance, about Muslim gang violence and the Crack/Heroin Jihad in many of our inner-cities, and so on.

What is wrong with all that? Nothing. And that is why the left, the Church, much of the press and politicians call the EDL ‘racist’ or even ‘fascist’. The use these thought-stopping words betrays the fact that they have no arguments against the EDL. Thus they must insult or demean us with empty phrases and words. They most focus exclusively on the isolated acts of violence at EDL demos. They must stress the rare and sometimes concocted links between the EDL and the far right. The EDL is even criticised for being full of football fans or the white working class, as if that is a crime or even a insult, even though we have black and Asian members as well as members from the middle class – shock horror!

On the particularities of the Dudley mosque case and the supposed change of venue for that Mosque.

Why would the EDL object to a super-mosque at X, but not object to a super-mosque at Y, when both X and Y are in the same town - Dudley ?

I knew this would happen. Firstly the Dudley Muslim Association proposes a super-mosque at a particular site; and then publicly 'back downs' (or seemingly so), only to suggest another site somewhere else in Dudley. Thus they will now see themselves, and paint themselves, as being fair-minded.

But the EDL is not against the super-mosque because it was being built at that particular previous site. What's special about that former site? It is against another mosque - a super-mosque - being built anywhere in Dudley. The change over to Castle Hill makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

It's almost as Muslims have planned this scheme of events all along, to make them seem to be the upholders of 'common sense', as Iqster puts it in Dudley News. Knowing Islamic Taqiyya, this was exactly the plan!

Finally, just yesterday I visited the Handsworth area of Birmingham. On the way, I counted six mosques – all of which were very large and strategically placed on hill tops as signs of Islamic supremacism and dominance. But more strangely. In Handsworth itself, towards the city end, I saw a huge building in the Islamic and Arabic style. Yet I’m not even sure if it was a mosque at all, or even partly a mosque. It seemed to be full of flats and offices, all built in the Islamic style as well. This showed me that the building of mosques is only the beginning. After all, Islam encompasses all aspects of life, and mosques are only the front line (but also behind the line) of Islamic jihad and supremacism.

That is why the EDL will be in Dudley tomorrow. No surrender!

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