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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Bishop of Dudley Against the EDL

It is strange that amongst all his euphemisms, clichés and PC-speak, the Bishop of Dudley doesn’t mention Islam or Muslims once in the Dudley News article. He talks about ‘cultures’, ‘communities’ and stuff. He never talks about Muslims or Islam. Yet he knows full well that this whole thing is not about Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Jainists or whatever. Still, ‘cultures’ sounds better, doesn’t it? It also fudges the issue, which is what he must intend to do with his PC-speak.
The Bishop of Dudley says that

‘People in Dudley from across cultures have lived and worked together for decades.’

That actually means:

People in Dudley from across cultures have worked together for decades at InterFaith meetings.

Perhaps, now and again, they have also done so elsewhere. Say when councillors are coming or journalists from the Birmingham Mail. That sort of thing. Or when they are bargaining for ‘community funding’.

He also talks about the EDL’s ‘repeated and unwanted visits’. It’s as if no one actually in Dudley is part of the EDL. He is wrong about that. Full stop. All he needs to do, but he will not do, is access the EDL FaceBook site or visit the EDL Forum. Then he will see and hear what loads of EDL from Dudley think about all these things.

It’s funny really. People like the Bishop of Dudley, and other assorted leftists, always say that the EDL are ‘outsiders’ whenever it has a demo in a town or city. That must mean that EDL-ers are ‘outsiders’ in every town and city. This in turn must mean that the EDL are from nowhere! (Or perhaps from Mars.) And what about UAF? Where are they from? Mainly from the Home Counties, London and Hackney, actually. But of course they’re not outsiders because they believe the right things and believe the right things in the right way. Anyway. All this stuff about ‘outsiders’. I thought leftists were into immigrants and diversity.

What is Interfaith anyway? It is when Anglicans and Methodist leftists and liberals listen to Muslims tell them how great Islam and the Koran is. It is when Anglican and Methodist leftists tell fellow Anglicans and Methodists how great Islam and the Koran really is. They tell us that Islam is ‘the Religion of Peace’. And why do they think that? Because Muslims at InterFaith meetings have told them so. They have told them that “‘Islam’ means ‘Peace’”. It doesn’t. It means peace through submission. More exactly, it means that once the whole world submits to Allah, then there will be peace.

Muslims at InterFaith meetings will also quote, at Methodists and Anglicans in beards and sandals usually, that oft-used passage from the Koran:

‘If you kill one man, it is as if you have killed the whole world.’

What Muslims cynically do every time they quote this is surgically remove the central clause of the passage. The actual passage is:

‘If you kill one, except for villainy in the land, it is as if you have killed the whole world.’

Makes a bit of difference, eh? What is ‘villainy’? Villainy will include many, many things within an Islamic culture. It will mean apostasy, adultery, being a Christian and so on and so on. Thus one can kill apostates, adulterers, etc. because they have committed ‘villainy in the land’. This changes that well-worn passage a bit, doesn’t it?

The other thing is that InterFaith is the new faith for these bearded Anglicans and Methodist leftists. That is what they really care about. InterFaith is their faith. And that is why Christians have been leaving the church in droves over the last twenty or more years. Why would they want to go to InterFaith meetings and learn more about Islam, the Religion of Pieces, than they do about their own faith, Christianity?

*) The Dudley News item:


  1. I love your blog. The EDL loves your blog.
    And the EDL Jewish Division adore your blog.
    Please, can you contact me?
    We want to praise you!! :)))
    The EDL tried to contact you to thank you for your wonderful blog but have been unable to.
    If you get in touch with me, I can give you the EDL MEDIA's email, so that you can contact them.
    They would love to hear from you!

  2. As usual, the quote "beloved" of muslims actually comes from the Torah, the Old Testament.

    The muslims stole that as they have stolen our land and are now stealing yours.