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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Turkey in the UN? No Thanks! [by Shelfside]

- by Shelfside

In view of what has happened recently between Turkey and Israel, do we really want this country to be part of the European Union?

A secular, but predominantly Muslim, state with a population of over 72 million and a GDP of less than 10,00 GBP, compared to just under 30,000 GBP in Germany (where I live). Incidentally, Germany has over 2 million Turks already settled within its borders. It does not take a genius to fathom out the importance of it not joining the EU. If you go to certain parts of the Netherlands and Germany, you will see the danger of Turkish immigration: violent youths, own-language ghettos and no-go areas for the native population. In addition to this, although the military seem to be against it, the current leader is trying by stealth to bring more radical Islamist policies into play, slowly but surely.

There are many high profile politicians who wish to see this state become an EU member (Blair was one) for various reasons, one being its high agricultural output.

Do we really want to import from this country and its citizens? Although they claim to be secular, as do many UK Muslim youth, the religion is always first when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. What do other EDL members think? And yes, having been there on holiday I know it´s a lovely country and the locals are great. ( I had to keep my blonde girlfriend very close to me however.) But how come these people always change when they are over here?

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