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Friday, 18 June 2010

Sparkbrook, Birmingham: Islamist Terror Base

- Letter to the Birmingham Mail, 18.6.2010

On the piece “’Secret’ CCTV cameras are covered up’ (Friday).

Perhaps the cameras were concentrated in Sparkbrook, and surrounding areas, because they have had the largest amount of terrorist convictions than any other single part of the UK. Not only that, there is also a very ambivalent attitude towards Islamist terrorism among certain members of the Muslim community there. For example, early in her career, Councillor Salma Yaqoob, who has milked this ‘Muslim issue’, defended (legally speaking) suspected jihadists in Yemen. (They were relatives of Abu Hamza.) Guess where they were from. They were from Birmingham. After that, she called 9/11 and the London bombing ‘reprisal attacks’. She has referred to other acts of Islamist violence as simply ‘Muslims fighting back’. Her party, Respect, also supports the aims, if not publicly the means, of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

So if the counter-terror organisations were to choose anywhere, Sparkbrook and the surrounding areas would be a very good choice.

As for Yaqoob ‘losing faith in the authorities’. She, as an Islamist or revolutionary socialist (perhaps she somehow fuses the two), never had faith in the ‘authorities’ in the first place, regardless of events like this. Readers should read her stuff online and find this out for themselves.

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  1. they moan about cctv, what about all there mosques that have been bugged by MI5, yes imagine the uproar if they knew that every "ALHA AKBA" chant was being mointered,just get outside a alan temple with a analogue scanner, and use a sweep. when the temple is packed, you will tune into AKBHA FM.EN-SHALA.put that in your political pipe alan.!!