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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Salma Yaqoob: Punish Israel!

Saturday's Birmingham Mail contained an interview with Salma Yaqoob about the Gaza demo in London on Saturday (5.6.2010).

Salma Yaqoob wants Israel to be punished for its actions against the flotilla the other day. Punished? How, exactly? She does not say in the Birmingham Mail piece. Perhaps she cannot say because the punishment she truly wants would be too much for most Birmingham Mail readers to swallow.

Let’s just say she wants sanctions against Israel. In fact, she does want sanctions against Israel and has done for a long time. It was mainly because of sanctions that the South African racist regime fell. This is precisely what many anti-Israelis, or ‘anti-Zionists’, want to happen to Israel - its death.

Let’s say that sanctions are carried out against Israel. This would result in the destabilising of Israel which could have terrible affects on the region, including increased Hamas militancy and power.

Or say that through sanctions Israel gives up its blockade of Gaza. Then what will happen? Hamas will have far more weapons coming through from every border – not just from the sea. With this increased power and weaponry, Hamas will almost certainly increase its terrorist campaign against Israeli citizens. Just before Operation Cast Lead and the blockade, Hamas had fired over 8,000 rockets into civilian Israel. The resultant death toll was relatively small only because of the very effective defensive infrastructure of Israel along with its numerous bunkers. Hamas does not provide many – or any! – bunkers for the people of Gaza because their suffering is vital for this Islamist cause and in order for Hamas to get what it wants. What does Hamas want? It wants the annihilation of Israel. Who says so? Hamas itself says so – read its Charter of 1987, in which the extinction of Israel is explicitly called for.

So when Yaqoob calls for ‘more action’ against Israel, it will be wise to bear all these repercussions in mind.

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