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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Salma Yaqoob: 'Israel's days are numbered.'


There. Coun. Salma Yaqoob, of Birmingham, has finally said it. She has finally said explicitly what she has believed all along. Like Hamas, she wants the extinction of Israel. Of course this is a demo of the hard core. But it is what she believes. If she says something else to the Birmingham Mail, or on Question Time, it is up to us to question her about her hypocrisy - her Taqiyya!

Fancy calling for the death of a state because of nine deaths! That must surely mean the death of Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and every Muslim country going. But no. Only Israel is evil and only Palestinians bleed. The rank hypocrisy of this IslamoTrot makes one feel sick. How does she get away with it?

She has always been for the destruction of Israel, but didn't say it openly. Now we have been bombarded with the deaths of only nine Turks. She thinks that this bombardment legitimises her calls for Israel's extinction. Yet it was her and other Islamists and Trots who have helped the media bombardment all along!

All along 'Zionists' said that the accusation that 'Israel is an apartheid state' was simply a means for destroying Israel - as racist South Africa was indeed destroyed. Yet here Yaqoob is explictly making the connection between Israel and the death of the former South Africa. Before this, most Leftists said they just wanted to point out and change Israel's 'racism', not destroy the nation itself. Not it is clear that the fake and contrived comparison with South Africa was just a means for bringing about Israel's destruction. Something that many knew all along.

You can hear this at approx. 1 minute 35 seconds.

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  1. Disgusting and unbelievable that these Muslim Terrorist supporters are allowed to spread their vile beliefs in a Western Democracy! Wake up Europe! Stop islam before it stops YOU!
    Islam sucks, it is barbaric, anti-human, cruel to animals - halal is a disgusting barbaric method of torturing animals - and Mohamed was a pedophile who raped Aisah when she was only 8 yrs old!