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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

'Oh Jews!': Turkey and the Aid Hamas Flotilla

Surely it is relevant, in an ever-so-tiny way, that Muslims on the Flotilla of Peace and Humanitarian Good Will were chanting an Arab rhyme which celebrates Mohammed’s massacre of the Jews at Khaybar. Perhaps not. But just in case, let me show you the words of this fine rhyme. It goes like this:

‘Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews!
The army of Mohammed will return!’

I don’t know if it’s just me, but do you get the impression that Muslims don’t like Jews? To repeat, the Jews of Khaybar were an important and large presence in Arabia. That is, until Mohammed took it upon himself to… well, massacre them. Apparently, the Jews would not bow down to him, amongst other more mundane things. Perhaps Jews not bowing down to Islam and Muslims is part of the explanation of what happened in the Aid Hamas flotilla story. What do you think?

Let’s provide more information about the Turksih ‘humanitarian’ group, IHH, which was behind the AID Hamas flotilla.

The first thing is that it explicitly supports Hamas. Thus it is not just a simple question of this group supplying much-needed supplies to distressed Palestinians, etc. It supportive role of Hamas is channelled through the larger group, the Union of the Good, which itself has over 50 Islamic funds and foundations around the globe.

It is widely known that IHH also provides logistical support and funding to various global jihad networks. Humanitarian? Despite that, it still has the audacity to include the dove of peace on its logo. Pure Taqiyya!

Hamas reciprocates. It considers its links to IHH to be very important. It regards Turkey as a prime subject of its clever and successful propaganda machine (which includes Palestine-Information, Hamas’s objective main website, which, indeed, has a Turkish version).

Back home in Turkey, IHH has supported Hamas and its aims by organising public conferences. These conference have openly supported Hamas’s 'armed struggle' and its defiance of the Palestinian Authority, its main rival.

The fact the IHH also does genuine humanitarian work (which may/can also be just a vehicle for Islamic dah-wa or proselytising) does not contradict what has be said about its other non-humanitarian work (unless Hamas killing innocent Israeli civilians is seen as a humanitarian kind-of-thing – as it often is!).

Forget IHH for a moment, what about its mother country – Turkey?

Up till now, Turkey was Israel’s only genuine Muslim/Islamic ally. Things are changing fast. Turkey is Islamising fast. Turkey’s Prime Minister, Tayyip Recep Erdogan, is part of this Islamisation of Turkey process. He was the first politician with an explicitly Islamist background to become head of state in Turkey since the creation of the secular republic in 1923. So let’s get the measure of this Islamist Prime Minister.

He has openly said that ‘Turkey is not a country where moderate Islam is sovereign’. He went on to say:

‘First of all, the word “Islam” is a simple word – it is only Islam. If you say “moderate Islam”, then an alternative is created…’

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Perhaps the Islamophiles and the leftists should actually listen to Erdogan (as well to Hamas, Osama bin Laden, etc.).They should believe Erdogan when he says that there is no ‘moderate Islam’. Take it from one of the horses’ mouths.

Thus, in this context, it is absolutely no surprise that Turkey has recalled its Ambassador from Israel and called its actions ‘an act of piracy’. It no surprise either than Mein Kampf has become the best-selling book in Turkey. (It has been so for decades in many other Muslim countries.)

Clearly, Erdogan is not on his own when it comes to the Islamisation (or re-Islamisation) of Turkey. In the July 2007 election, the Islamist party, the AK party, won. Erdogan himself followed on from this by becoming Prime Minister in August 2007.

So let’s look on the even larger scale. The larger scale that could be Turkey trying to become an important regional power again. What about a re-run of the Ottoman Empire? Surely this is a possibility, at the least!

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